Merkur 34c Vs. Edwin Jagger De89: The Battle Of Two Best Safety Razors

Merkur 34c Vs. Edwin Jagger De89

When it comes to the Safety razor business, two of the most respected names are Merkur 34c and Edwin Jagger de89.

These two razors are sturdily made providing shavers with a great shave. Both razors are also very popular, especially with beginners. They are great razors for beginners and experienced wet shavers.

If you are considering any of the two, you may end up confused about which one to choose. Fortunately, we have created a comparison of Merkur 34c vs Edwin Jagger de89. Read on to find out which of the two options is better.

Benefits Of A Safety Razor Over A Cartridge Razor

There are several reasons why a safety razor blade is a better option than cartridge razors.

One of them is the cost. A safety razor usually costs a small fraction of the cartridge blades. 

Plastic disposable razors also impact the environment negatively. When it comes to shaving performance, safety razors offer a closer and less irritating shave than modern cartridge razors. 

Overview of Merkur 34c and Edwin Jagger de89

Merkur 34c

Merkur 34 C is a German-made razor that features a sturdy head and a short handle. This enables it to deliver a close and comfortable shave.

Going with the grain (direction of the hair growth) produces a more comfortable shave as there is no pulling of the annoyingly short hairs.

The razor offers a great combination of blade alignment, blade angle, weight, and finish enabling it to glide over your face smoothly. The razor feels soft on the face and provides a close shave.

The short handle also goes a long way in enhancing your shave. This is because shavers will naturally reduce the pressure they put on the skin when shaving. The shaver’s short handle is well grippy adding to its maneuverability. 

But on the other hand, shaving with this double-edged safety razor takes time to get used to. In fact, you will easily nick the skin a few times before getting used to it.

To prevent this, we advise that you do it slowly while putting light strokes that enable the equipment to work well.

This razor comes with 2 sets of blades from Merkur Platinum which are the safest bet for people with injured or sensitive skins.

The aggressiveness of the blade is on point, making them suitable for shavers who are trying to get used to the sharpness of a safety razor blade.

If you need to replace the blade, you can do so with the Gillette 7 O’clock platinum blade.


  • Great design for best shaving results
  • Cut close to your skin
  • Suitable for both males and females
  • Mild and forgiving


  • Take time to get used to
  • Some hidden parts have a non-polished finishing

Edwin Jagger DE89

The DE89 has been one of the most popular safest razors among shavers for many years. Just like its competitor the Merkur 34C, it has a sturdily-made head that enhances its performance.

Founded in 1988, Edwin Jagger is reputed for its traditional safety razors that make your shaving routines a breeze.

Its razor has a long, smooth, and solid brass handle that complements the heavy head, providing a good balance and minimizing the chances of scratching and rashes.

The razor also comes with a shorter handle, perfect weight distribution, and better blade alignment.

The blade is moderately aggressive, making it a good choice for beginners.  If you have razor bumps or skin that is prone to rashes, a blade with moderate aggressiveness can be very helpful.

However, if your hair is thick and coarse, you may need a more aggressive razor.


  • Offers a clean shave
  • Effective in clearing up around the neck and sideburns 
  • Great weight distribution provides a great balance
  • Easy to control
  • Moderately aggressive


  • Susceptible to breakage
  • Not aggressive enough for thick and coarse razor

Merkur 34c Vs Edwin Jagger De89: A Comparative Analysis

Edwin jagger de89 Merkur 34c
Weight 75 grams 77grams
Handle length 3.24 inches 3.04 inches
Handle diameter 0.98 inches 11.6 mm/0.46 in
Material Zinc and brass  Zamak
Suitable for Mild hair Coarse hair

Let us now look at how to go head to head against one another:


Both razors have a great performance. They will cut every hair, leaving your skin smooth. This is because they use their head’s weight to maximize contact, improve shaving efficiency and closeness.

However, when we compare the two, 34C is heavier than Edwin and this is why its blade is greatly felt. This makes it a good choice for facial hair that is coarse and thick.

On the other hand, DE89 is less aggressive. This makes it suitable for a  fine and thin beard.

Shavers should be careful when using razor blades that are aggressive as they can nick themselves easily if they put more force or try to rush it.

When we compare the two in terms of performance they are both winners. This is because they are made for different users.

If you have sensitive skin or are a newbie in shaving, we recommend Edwin Jagger. On the other hand, if you have coarse and thick hair, we recommend you choose Merkur.


Merkur is known for its razors that are made of zinc and brass material. The handle is made of brass while the head is made of a zinc composite.

On the other hand, Edwin Jagger is made of a material known as Zamak which is made of Zinc and an alloy of aluminum, copper, and magnesium. Even though this makes it easy to shave, the material also corrodes faster.

The DE89 is susceptible to breakages as compared to the 34C. This could be because it’s heavier and is, therefore, more likely to break when dropped.

Therefore, when we compare the material Merkur is the winner here.


Both razors have an almost similar width head and blade exposure. However, the Merkur 34C is a bit shorter than the DE89.

Unless your hands are very big, this shouldn’t be a huge issue but should be a matter of personal preference.

If you prefer something with more length, you should go for the Merkur 34C. If you need a longer handle, you should go for the DE89.


Merkur 34C  has a weight of 75 grams while Edwin Jagger is a bit heavier at 77 grams. However, Edwin Jagger has a better weight distribution.

This is because most of its weight is concentrated near the collar. The razor is a bit heavier around the head.

This enables better head movement around the user’s face. Therefore, when it comes to weight distribution, Edwin Jagger is the winner.


Edwin Jagger has a visually appealing look as it features a beautiful and smooth chrome finish and a brass handle. It contains no grooves, criss-cross lines, or knurls and this provides it with a classy and refined look.

The razor has a chrome finish and a good size-to-weight ratio ensuring that the handle feels great in the hands.

On the other hand, Merkur has a robust and functional design. It features a knurled handle that provides a better grip and increases maneuverability.

One of the benefits of the knurled groove is that it’s a bit more practical.

Merkur 34C is a small, nimble, light, and durable razor. On the other hand, the DE89 feels heavier and more robust even though it’s more prone to breakages. 

Like we already noted, Merkur 34C has a shorter handle that ensures a better grip and balance. Edwin Jagger on the other hand has a longer handle that is better for people with longer hands. 

When it comes to design, Merkur 34C is the clear winner. With its knurled design, you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hand even with wet hands.

This is unlike Edwin Jagger where you have to be careful when using it to prevent slipping. Therefore, Merkur 34C has a better and more functional design than Edwin Jagger DE89.


Like we have already seen, Edwin Jagger features a Chrome finish. One of the advantages of Chrome is that it offers better protection from corrosion and rust.

Therefore, the DE89 is likely to be more durable than the 34C.

Head design

Even though both models feature a heavy-duty head, Merkur 34C has a 2-piece design with the head of the unit permanently attached to the handle.

On the other hand, the DE89 features a 3-piece design that allows users to disassemble the head’s bottom plate and top cap. 

While the head design doesn’t impact the shaving experience, it makes it easier to clean the razor. On the other hand, the two-piece design is easier to assemble.

Therefore, the winner here will depend on your personal preference.

Final Thoughts

One thing that is clear is that you can never go wrong with either the Merkur 34C or the Edwin Jagger 34C. The option that you go for will depend on your personal preference. 

If you need an aggressive razor that will work on your tough beards, you should go for the Merkur 34C. When you combine it with a sharp blade, it will provide you with a smooth shave.

If you need a mild razor or you are just beginning your wet shaving journey, you may want to consider the Edwin Jagger DE89.

This razor is also very beautiful. It has an exceptionally beautiful chrome finish. But on the flip side, its smooth handle isn’t the best for a firm grip.

The Merkur 34C features a shorter handle and a knurled grip. This means that it offers a better grip.

But if you have long hands, you may consider the DE89 as it has a longer handle.

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