Merkur 34C Vs Muhle R89 – Which One Is the Better Option for You?

If you are someone who cares about the quality of razors and knows about different good razor brands, you might have heard about Merkur 34C and Muhle R89

Many men choose these razors because of their great performance and quality. But if we have to pick one of them, which one is better?

In this sharing blog, we will compare Merkur 34C vs Muhle R89 so you can know more about them. Depending on your needs and personal references, you can choose the one that suits you more!

Merkur 34C Vs Muhle R89: Why People Choose Them

Merkur 34C and Muhle R89 both come with quality. But people might know and love them for certain factors.

Here are some general reasons why people pick them over other razors:  

Merkur 34C – Give Skillful Users Better and Closer Shave

While the Muhle R89 is the one that suits beginners, Merkur 34C will work better for more skillful men. This razor is super effective, high-quality, strong-built, so it will give you a close shave if you wish to. 

The price of this one is also quite affordable. This is why Merkur 34C is one of the razors that many people in shaving forums recommend. 

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

If you are a guy with dense hair or need to shave on a daily basis (or something close to that), then this razor will likely be a great option for you.

Muhle R89 – Work Well for Newbies

If you are newbies at wet shaving or simply do not have good skills at shaving, then Muhle R89 can be your best friend.

This razor was intentionally made for all users, including those who are not skillful at shaving to help them eliminate the chances of getting cuts, nicks, and razor burn. 

In general, this razor is well-built, durable, safe, and also effective. Even when it was made for those who want to avoid cutting their skin, the blades and head are still effective enough to cut your hair easily. 

This model of Merkur also has loyal fans as it can stay functional for a lifetime. With great quality, you can use it for many years without any issues. 

Muhle R89 is definitely something you should try if you want to have the safest shave. 

Merkur 34C Vs Muhle R89 Comparison: Which One Is Better for You?

It is not that simple to pick either Merkur 34C or Muhle R89 just simply for their quality because they are both excellent razors.

However, we will compare them to determine which one is better for you. 

Handle Length

These two razors have similar designs as they are both double-edged razors. However, as the length and material of their handles are different, they can affect your comfort while using. 

These two handles have one good similarity – they are both made from stainless steel. While using and storing them in wet places with high humidity levels like the bathroom, they will not rust. 

However, for those who have bigger hands, a longer handle will make them more convenient. In this case, Muhle R89 will suit their big hands more as they are longer. 

On the other hand, if you prefer shorter handles with heavier weight, then Merkur 34C will give you more comfort. 

2-Piece and 3-Piece

Merkur 34C is a 2-piece razor while Muhle R89 is a 3-piece one. For this reason, you can change the razor head with Muhle R89 easier and have more experience with it.

In many cases, 2-piece razors are made for beginners and 3-piece razors are the better choice for more skilled shavers.  

Merkur 34C with 2-piece design
Merkur 34C with 2-piece design

The Aggressiveness

When it comes to aggressiveness, people might have different comparisons about the Merkur 34C and Muhle R89. Some people think Merkur 34C is less aggressive, but most users and even ourselves feel like Merkur 34C is more aggressive. 

So, in our personal opinion and experiences, you should start with Muhle R89 if you are not skillful at shaving. You can still have a good shave with this product and avoid getting cuts and nicks. 

However, if your hair grows quickly, densely, and you need to shave regularly, you can consider using Merkur 34C. 

Our Recommendations

As most people hate to deal with cuts or razor burn, we personally recommend Muhle R89 for more comfort.

You can avoid hurting your skin with milder aggression while using it carefully. For Merkur 34C, you might need more focus. 

Merkur 34C also comes with a shorter and heavier handle – which we really like. I think the majority will feel like this one is handier for these reasons. 

If you have denser hair and are skillful at shaving, Merkur 34C will give you a better feel as you can cut the hair much faster and easier.

Even though the Muhle R89’s handle is a bit longer than Merkur 34C’s, we do not think it will affect the performance so much. 

That was our recommendation based on our preferences. Many people in different shaving forums and clubs will have different opinions on whether Merkur 34C or Muhle R89 is more advanced. 

Remember that these two are both great, and based on your hair type, skillset, preferences, and experiences, one can be better than the other. 

Final Thoughts

We have been comparing some key factors of Merkur 34C vs Muhle R89 to help you make a better decision. So, which one seems to be a good fit for you?

Whether you pick the more aggressive or less aggressive ones, it is advisable to shave carefully and use shaving products to get the best experiences.

Lee Cantor

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