Merkur 39c Vs Merkur 37c? Which Slant Razor Is The Best For You?

In the ocean of safety razors available on the market, many products have different functions and features. Still, the similarities in terms of appearance are the main confusion for most customers, especially the novice ones. 

And Merkur 39c vs. Merkur 37c are the duo that might be hard to distinguish at first glance. Comprehending that issue, we have already accumulated all the differences in the design of two Merkur’s models in this article so that you can spot them easily.

Furthermore, we also include insights about the strengths and weaknesses of these razors with the hope of helping you make a decision easier when choosing a razor for yourself. Let’s jump into this article to find out more!

Slant-Bar Razor Explanation

When searching for information about the Merkur 39c vs. 37c, you might bump into the word “slant-bar razor,” used to describe these razors. And you have no idea what it is. For that reason, we will give you some information about these razors of this type.

The slant-bar or slant razor is a DE safety razor whose both edges of the shaving head are tilted instead of even like other safety razors. 

Therefore, the blades will be mounted to shave the hair at an angle rather than straight down. In addition, this tilted design is inspired by the slanted blade in a guillotine or kitchen mandoline.

The slant may be more effective than a conventional DE razor on some hair and skin types and when it comes to shaving the face whose hair has been left unshaved for three consecutive days.

Overview About Merkur 39c vs 37c

Merkur 39c – The Slant Sledgehammer

Product Specifications

  • Product Size: 5.25 x 2.2 x 1 inches
  • Overall Weight: 113 g / 3.99 oz
  • Razor Length: 101.8 mm / 4.01 in
  • Handle Length: 96.2 mm / 3.79 in
  • Handle Diameter: 11.6 mm / 0.46 in
  • Material: brass, chrome, and zinc
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Comb Type: Closed Comb.


First, we should take a look at the handle of Merkur 39c. The handle is made of brass with a chrome coat and carved with numerous counter-clockwise spirals in the middle. 

This spiral pattern might be a little bit slippery for those who shave with the right hand as your thumb will be parallel with the grip. On the other hand, it can provide a better grip for thumbs if the users are left-handed.

Then let’s move to the bottom. At the bottom is the logo engraved around the collar, and below is the knob with different grooves which will disassemble the razor when being twisted. 

These groves in different sizes will provide a firm grip, allowing the customers to twist the knob easier. Furthermore, this knob is a perfect spot for your pinky to rest on while shaving.

Head to the top; there is a blank shiny space and a bump at the very top. This way of design can provide a masculine appearance, but its asymmetry might irritate some people with OCD. 

The balance point of this razor is just an inch from the razor head, and the weight of this razor is heavy, which allows the customer to grip the razor better and shave in good form.

Furthermore, this safety razor can be the best product for people with large or average hands, thanks to the 4.01 inches length of the handle.

Shaving Head

The shaving head of the Merkur 39c razor is made of die-casting zinc with a layer of polished chrome, which makes it look shiny, sleek, and luxurious. 

Furthermore, the chrome-made razor head can quickly absorb the heat from shaving upward which would reduce the chance of getting razor burn, rashes, redness, or skin irritation of the users.

Moving to the long edges of Merkur 39c, it is easy to notice that one edge of the shaving head will go upward, and the other will go in the opposite direction, which will go downward.

As a result, the blade exposure will change accordingly with the edge’s inclination or declination. This design, which stimulates the guillotine,  provides Merkur 39c with more aggressive shaving. Therefore, it can provide a closer and smoother shaving experience.

In addition, you can see a row of aligned dents on both combs.  These dents in combination with the grooves on the cap have a function to guide the hair and let the blade cut through it easily in order to offer a smooth and close shave.

To open the razor hand for blade replacement, twist the knob at the bottom of the handle until the top part falls apart from the handle of the razor. 

Merkur 39c is a two-piece razor so it is quite easy when it comes to changing blades. Just carefully put the new blade in the cap of this razor and put it in the razor then twist the knob at the bottom until the cap is sealed.

When a blade is inside the razor head, both ends of it will protrude slightly which will make no harm to the owners if they accidentally touch it.

Merkur 37c

Product Specifications

  • Size: 3.23 x 0.47 x 0.47 inches
  • Overall Weight: 79 g / 2.79 oz
  • Razor Length: 83.3 mm / 3.28 in
  • Handle Length: 77.1 mm / 3.04 in
  • Handle Diameter: 11.6 mm / 0.46 in
  • Material: brass, chrome, and zinc
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Comb Type: Closed Comb


Merkur 37c’s handle is also chrome with the lozenge cut shape pattern engraved in the middle of the handle. This pattern provides a firm grip while shaving and prevents slippage. 

Below that is the Merkur which is carved around the handle. And at the bottom is the location of the knob which is used to dissemble the razor by spinning it counter-clockwise when you need to replace the blade.

The knob has many grooves which look like gear. This gear-like appearance can secure the grip while twisting the knob to replace the blade. 

The top of this handle which is adjacent to the razor head is thinner which makes the whole handle look elegant and stylish.

Regardless of the lightweight when compared with other Merkur DE razors, Merkur  37c doesn’t give you the light feeling while using thanks to good weight distribution.

Moreover, the handle’s balancing point is located approximately halfway up the handle, making it a comfort to hold and control the razor. The handle is around 3.0 inches in length, which is ideal for most consumers, but those with really large hands may find it uncomfortable.

Shaving Head

The shaving head is made of die-cast zinc with a layer of polished chrome covering the whole razor head. Besides making the razor look sleek and attractive, this chrome coat can guard the skin against the razor burn, skin irritation, and redness when shaving upward.

Move to the edges of the razors, you can notice the indents and grooves on the cap which their job is to raise the hair and let the blade cut through the hair easier, closer, and smoother.

To open the cap and put the blade in, you need to twist the knob at the bottom of the razor to loosen the razor head and handle. Then carefully place the blade inside the pin of the razor head and assemble with the handle.

When the blade is in the razor head, ends of this blade protrude slightly which will not cause any problem for the owner while shaving if he unintentionally touches it.

The Detail Comparison Between Merkur 39c Vs 37c


Let’s look at what these razors have in common before assessing the differences. At the first glance, both DE razors have many things in common.

First, they are the children of Merkur which are listed as the slant razor and can be compatible with different DE blades which are available on the market. In addition, These razors are made of the same materials from the top to bottom.

The razor head is also a point that these tools have in common. Both have the same curly polished head cap as well as aligned indents and grooves on both sides of the blade’s edges.

For these reasons, the duo can easily deal with thick and coarse hair and deliver a smooth shave.

Furthermore, this type of razor is not novice-friendly because it is different from other razors available on the market, which the users might cut themselves while shaving the first time.

Both razorheads have the same look and appearance
Both razorheads have the same look and appearance


Pin To Pin Comparison

Model Feature Material Handle Height Weight
Merkur 39c Slant razor, two-pieces, closed comb Brass, zinc, and chrome 4.01 inches 113 g / 3.99 oz
Merkur 37c Slant razor, two-pieces, closed comb Brass, zinc, and chrome 3.04 inches 79 g /

2.79 oz


For most people, spotting the differences between these razors is not an uneasy task. However, placing Merkur 39c vs 37c shoulder by shoulder, anyone can tell that the Merkur 39c’s handle is longer than Merkur 37c’s. 

Therefore, anyone with a large or average hand size can shave with Merkur 39c razor at ease. On the other hand, a Merkur 37c is the best choice for men with smaller hands as they can handle this razor easily and comfortably. In addition, if you want to shave down the side of your face with long strokes, a long handle like 39c will help.

Then the engraving pattern in the middle is another distinguishing factor. While the Merkur 39c looks like a barber pole with various spiral lines running around the handle, the Merkur 37c is carved with a diamond shape pattern.

Thanks to this pattern, the Merkur 37c really outweighs the 39c counterpart in terms of grip as it can provide a firmer and more secure grip while holding and avoid slippage.

As a result, customers might prefer the Merkur 37c in terms of grip while using it.


As the shaving heads are similar, people might assume that Merkur 37c and Merkur 39c will have the same performance while shaving. Still, the weight and length of handle can decide which one will provide a better shaving experience.

For lengthy strokes across the cheeks, the 39C can finish this mission perfectly, thanks to the support from the extra weight. Meanwhile, the 37c can follow the contour of the face better especially in the areas like beneath the nose and touch up any spots that need it.

For that reason, the Merkur 39c is more aggressive than the Merkur 37c regardless of the razor head similarity.


The Merkur 39c will cost you around 65 bucks to own one and of course you will have a razor that can deal with thick and coarse hair easily and smoothly. 

On the other hand, you only need around 50 bucks for a Merkur 37c with the same shaving experience except the aggressiveness.

The winner is Merkur 37c when it comes to budget-friendly.

Merkur 39c vs 37c when putting shoulder by shoulder
Merkur 39c vs 37c when putting shoulder by shoulder

Pros and Cons of Both Slant Razors

Merkur 39c


  • Durable thanks to the two-piece designs
  • A perfect match for guys with big and large hands because of the weight and length.
  • When you are in a rush, this is the best way to have a full beard shaved.
  • Can deal with thick and coarse beard in a nick of time.


  • Not suitable for a novice because of its aggressiveness.
  • The finish of some non-chrome parts is not of high quality.

Merkur 37c


  • Durable thanks to the two-piece designs
  • Lozenge cut shape pattern in the handle offers excellent grip for men with small size hands
  • A great match for a thick and coarse beard.


  • A bit lighter than other Merkur razors.
  • Not a choice for novices as they need to learn about using it.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a safety razor with a reasonable price that can shave off the thick and coarse hair easily. Besides that, your hand is kind of small, you should definitely purchase the Merkur 37c.

However, if money is not a problem for you, you have big or average hands, and the great and aggressive shaving experience is what you need, Merkur 39c will meet all your needs.


And the Merkur 39c vs 37c duo’s strengths and shortcomings have been revealed. We trust you have already gathered all the relevant information for your choice.

Comments and inquiries are always welcome. Please share this article on social media to let your friends and family know what a wonderful resource it is. Thank you for reading, and have fun while shaving!


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