Microtouch One Razor Review – Is It Worthy Buying?

Microtouch one razor features double-edged blades that provide users with a close shave leaving their skin feeling silky soft. It’s an effective razor for people looking for a soft shave at a cost-effective price.

The safety razor is made of solid brass and a chrome finish ensuring extra durability and shine. But like many other products, the razor has its downside.

Let’s look at the performance, pros, and cons in this Microtouch One Razor review.

Summary of Microtouch One Razor’s Features

  • Brass frame with chrome-plated finish
  • Butterfly head that is twisted to open
  • 12 Dolco blades, case, and stand included in the packaging
  • Length of 3.5 inches
  • Non-slip knurled handle

Pros and Cons of the Microtouch One razor

There are several benefits of the safety razor. These include:


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to load and remove the blade
  • The knurled design offers a secure grip
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Very mild razor


  • Made in China, therefore, not sturdy
  • No warranty


The Microtouch One Razor features a robust design consisting of a solid brass core and a shiny chrome finishing. It features a twist-to-open design, making it simple to load the blades.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

After opening the top, you can easily remove the blade. This is advantageous as compared to the patterns of the traditional razor that requires users to remove the whole head of the razor before they can change the blade and assemble it back again.

The razor is made in China and therefore, it’s not sturdily made. You should not expect any superior quality of product or performance.

However, the razor isn’t a bad choice for beginners. Its blades are manufactured by a South Korean company known as Dorco even though they are made in Vietnam.

To ensure a better grip when wet, the handle comes with deep horizontal and vertical grooves. These grooves run to the interior to provide the user with a good grip even with wet hands.

To further enhance the grip, the knob also features vertical groves. The interior of the housing features a velvety material that adds to its stylish and classical style.

The blade exposure of the razor is relatively small and this makes it gentle and forgiving.

Like it’s the case with other safety razors, it features a universal safety blade. It has a short handle that can make it hard to use for people with long hands. The razor has a fairly standard length of three and a half inches.  

The safety razor is too small making it easy to move around the curve on your face. You can easily trim your hair to your will. This makes it a good choice for trimming your beards. 

Microtouch One Razor
Microtouch One Razor gives you a close and smooth shave.


When it comes to performance, the Microtouch One razor is an effective option for beginners. This is because it isn’t too aggressive.

When the minimal blade exposure is combined with a closed comb design, you end up with a very mild shave. This makes it a good choice for beginners in wet shaving.

You can comfortably use it without the risk of shaving cuts and rashes. It touches close to the skin without causing any redness or irritation.

Therefore, if you have sensitive skin and aren’t happy with the performance of a cartridge razor, you may want to consider the Microtouch One safety razor.

When it comes to the texture, there is a bit of stubble or grit on the skin. The length is like a one-day’s growth. This can be beneficial for people who are susceptible to razor bumps as the hair doesn’t become ingrown.

While it may be unable to shave the thick beard hair, it will still make some quick work on the rest of your face.

But like it’s the case with razors with an exposed blade, and don’t have a clipper catcher, the Microtouch One can leave things messy around the bathroom vanity. Therefore, you need to plan in advance.

Use mild facial soap without any deodorants or body bars. Ensure that you clean the shaving area well with warm water. Leave it wet without wiping it. Ensure that you also use good shave cream.

The butterfly head makes this a user-friendly option. This is because the head opens to allow the removal of the blade. It’s also very easy to load the blade because all you need to do is to twist the knob at the handle bottom to open the two doors to the blade compartment.

However, the hinges that attach to the door are a bit flimsy and could easily corrode. These hinges could also lose their grip with time, causing the door not to close fully. 


The package includes a chrome stand that enables the razor to stand neatly on the bathroom counter. When you buy the razor, you also get 12 replacement blades and a carrying case. 

The carrying case isn’t sturdy, most likely because it is also made by the same Chinese company. But all in all, it will serve its purpose well, even though we don’t know for how long.

Microtouch One Razor and its accessories
Microtouch One Razor and its accessories.

Ease of cleaning

This safety razor is easy to clean. All you need to do is to give it a twist, open it, and rinse it under warm running water.

This also makes the razor suitable for wet shaving.  You should then shake out the excess water before wiping it with a clean towel. 


Like we noted earlier, the Microtouch One razor features a pivoting head that makes the unit a body trimmer and also a safety razor. The head continues to pivot easily with the comb attached. The head is about 2”, which is the standard head for the majority of razors.

In case the head becomes dull after extended use or as a result of breakages, and you would like to replace it, it’s easy to do that. However, the head has a minor design flaw; It’s only possible to use one cutting blade with the comb attached.


When you consider that this razor features a lithium-ion battery, you can see that it’s considerably light at a weight of 5.93 ounces. The whole package weighs 6.4 ounces and measures 3.5”x4.5”x5.3 inches. This puts it in one class with the normal standard cartridge and lighter than a normal beard trimmer.

It can take time getting used to the sharpness of the blade and you might end up nicking yourself a number of times. To prevent this, you need to ensure that you don’t deviate from the line you are shaving.


It seems that the Microtouch One doesn’t come with a warranty. By going through their website, we didn’t find any warranty.

If you need protection, you should buy this razor through a large retailer with a good return policy. This will help protect you in case your shaver comes with a defect.


The Microtouch One razor is a great choice for people who are starting their wet shaving journey but would not like to spend a lot of money. It comes with a package whose front is clear, with red, white, and black graphics and a cardboard backing.

Since the razor isn’t aggressive, it’s a good choice to protect your skin as you familiarize yourself with the handling of the double-edged razors.

Therefore if your goal is to find the traditional safety razor blade at an affordable price, this is the right option for you.

With a chrome handle and a bathroom stand, it will definitely look great in your bathroom. It’s also a good choice for travel.

Besides, the razor isn’t made of plastic and therefore, will serve you for long.

However, you should not expect the razor to hold up for long as it’s made in China. Most of the Chinese-made razors aren’t of the best quality.

Overall, this is a great double-edged safety razor that provides a close shave and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. The replacement blades of the razor are widely available, adding to its convenience.

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