Panasonic Arc5 Vs Braun Series 9:  A Detailed Comparison

To choose a perfect shaver for yourself when standing in front of two Panasonic Arc5 vs Braun Series 9 products – is a difficult choice for anyone.

Panasonic Arc5 and Braun Series 9 are the two highly prized shavers. They are flagship products of the two reputable brands and are being rated as the best today. However, they still have certain differences so that you can compare and figure out which product is right for you.

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Comparison Chart

To give you a more comprehensive look, we compare the two latest Panasonic Acr5 and Braun Series 9 shavers: Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV9FX and Braun Series 9 9390cc.

Panasonic Arc5 Braun Series 9
Including Shaving Elements 5 4
Shaving Head Pivoting Head Pivoting Head
Linear Motor Speed 14,000 CPM 10,000 CPM
Shaving Time 45 minutes 60 minutes
Wet/Dry Yes Yes
Battery Li-ion, Rechargeable  Li-ion, Rechargeable
LED Screen No (LCD screen) Yes
Quick Charge 5 minutes 5 minutes
Cordless Yes Yes
Cleaning/Charge Base Yes Yes
Editor’s Rating 5/5 4.5/5

Panasonic Arc5 Vs Braun Series 9



Although appearance is quite a subject matter, Panasonic Arc 5 is the clear winner here. This series sports a metal body and two golden rollers nesting between the foils, which give a classy feel to it. 


Braun has long been a leader in the shaving industry for its technical innovation and aesthetic design. The Series 9 shavers from Braun are 100% made out of plastic and coated with either chrome or matte. 

Panasonic switched from plastic to metal for many models from the Arch 5 series, such as ES-LV9Q, ES-LV9N, and ES-CV51. The use of metal gives an upscale feel to their products that plastic models fail to imitate. 

Not to mention that the other Panasonic models made for plastic can compare favorably with the Series 9. They simply have a more premium feel to them.


The models from both two series are comfortable to hold. They feature texture rubber materials on the back and sides to secure grip, even for wet shaving.

In our test, we noticed the rubberized section of the Braun model feels more secure in the hand and is also less slippery than its competitor.  

Shaving Head

The obvious distinction between the two series is the size of the shaving head. Panasonic Arc 5’s head houses up to 5 blades, so it is larger (and bulkier) than the Series 9, which has only four cutting elements.

Nevertheless, the Arc 5 shaver outcompetes the Braun series 9 in this regard, thanks to its Multiflex pivoting shaving head. It moves independently in up to 16 directions and effortlessly conforms to facial contours like a rotary shaver.   

Blade System

Panasonic series 5 is a 5-blade shaving system, with its foils and blades made of hypoallergenic steel to ensure minimal skin irritation, even on sensitive skins.

  • 1 Quick comb blade
  • 2 Lift-tech foils
  • 2 Finishing foils
The Blade System Of Panasonic Arc5
The Blade System Of Panasonic Arc5

The shaving head of Braun shavers consists of 4 separate cutting parts:

  • 2 Optifoils
  • 1 Direct & cut trimmer
  • 1 HyperLift & cut trimmer
  • There is also a thin protective guard placed between the Direct & Cut trimmer and the Optifoil.
The Blade System Of Braun Series 9
The Blade System Of Braun Series 9


Panasonic Arc 5 pop-up detailing trimmer is positioned behind and perpendicular to the shaver’s head. This placement renders it obstructed by the large head. You will need to take off the blades and foils to use the trimmer.

While the trimer from the Braun shaver sits parallel to the shaving head, it is not any longer than the head when fully extended. Again, this poses the same problem as with Panasonic models. You won’t get full visibility in front of the mirror with both shavers.

The trimmer on the Panasonic Arc 5 is sharper and slices through hair faster. Meanwhile, the design of the Series 9’s trimmer makes it considerably easier to access.

Hence, the Braun model, with its more accessible trimmer, is the way to go for those frequently touching up their hair. If you find yourself trimming only from time to time, the Arch 5 seems a better choice! 


Close Shave

Arc 5 and Braun 9 belong to the high-end league of the two brands, so they’re at the top in this regard. Yet, Panasonic manages to have the edge over its competitor.

The arched foils promote optimal contact with the face, especially in the chin and jawline. Meanwhile, the super-sharp blades are angled at 30 degrees to provide a clean cut at the root. 

These angled blades, paired with Panasonic’s smart technology that generates 70,000 cross-cutting actions every minute, give an exceptionally close shave that other competitors fail to match. 

The Curvature Of Panasonic Arc 5 Foils
The Curvature Of Panasonic Arc 5 Foils

The closeness of the shave that Panasonic can achieve is also attributed to its industry-leading powerful 14,000 CPM motor.

The series 9 model produces 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute and 10,000 micro-vibrations to deliver a shave that is as close as 0.05mm. You can expect to enjoy a smooth, clean, and efficient shave with this shaver.

As mentioned, these two series won’t disappoint you. Yet, if we were to decide which one has the closest shave possible, it would be Panasonic Arc 5. 

Both shavers are equipped with sensors that read hair density: Active Shaving Sensor in Arc 5 and SyncroSonic in the Braun series 9. Thus, they can automatically adjust themselves to effectively slice every hair they come in contact with. These sensors minimize the need to go over the same spot again and also contribute to the shave closeness.

Shaving Longer Hair

This area is where both the two brands fall short. It is why they have taken a step forward in the blade system to work better with longer hair.  

Panasonic addresses long, stray hair with their redesigned central trimmer called Quick Comb Blade. The Series 9 uses the Direct & cut trimmer to deal with long hair that grows in different directions. 

Braun benefits from the duo of HyperLift & Cut and Direct & Cut trimmers, which work in tandem to more effectively cut long hair that grows in different directions. These trimmers know what they are doing, making the series 9 more superior. 

We found that Arc 5 lags behind Series 9 in this regard. It uses only one trimmer called Quick Comb Blade to slice long hair faster and more forcefully. Yet, because there’s only one trimmer at work, shaving a 3-day beard requires more strokes and changes of direction with the Arc 5. 

Going over the same spot again can irritate, especially with sensitive skin. In contrast, Series 9 provides a better experience with long stubble.

Safety & Comfort

These flagship models from Braun are a joy to use. They deliver a more comfortable shave than Panasonic Arc 5 shavers. Although not as forgiving, Panasonic models give you a cleaner and closer shave. 

The latest Arc 5 iterations (third-generation) are equipped with two golden comfort rollers to improve user comfort. They reduce the pressure applied to the skin. Compared to the older generation, the closeness of the shave is identical, but we find the new foils to be more comfortable. 

That said, Braun shavers are a more sensible option if you want a gentle and easy shaver on your skin.

Braun is renowned for its series 7, which delivers an exceptionally comfortable shave every time. The series 9 is the next level of its predecessors, in all seriousness. It feels even smoother and more pleasant on the skin than the series 7 during our test. 

This superior shave comfort is attributed to different factors. First off, the flexible pivoting head, the increased torque, and the extra shaving elements work together to provide a close shave without inflicting undue pressure on your face. Secondly, the foils remain cool even after a long shaving session. 

While Panasonic shavers reign supreme in terms of closeness, it lacks forgiveness on skin. Besides, the foils often heat up if used for a long time, rendering them unfriendly with sensitive skin.

The choice is easy to make for this round, and the Braun series 9 wins effortlessly. It is a safer bet for those with sensitive, irritation-prone skin.


The Braun model is more nimble, with only four cutting elements. It is easier to maneuver than the massive signature head from Panasonic. 

Thanks to the 10-directional swiveling head, you can deal with hard-to-reach areas with a few flicks of your wrist. On the other hand, Panasonic shaving heads pivot in 16 directions to get around the facial contours with more ease. 

As mentioned above, the Multi-Flex shaving head of Panasonic can deliver a similar shaving experience as you would with a rotary shaver. For this reason, it compares favorably with the Braun 9 series, whose pivoting head can only move back and forth. 


Panasonic Arc 5 uses the 14,000 CPM motor, the fastest in the class. The Series 9 comes with a 10,000 CPM engine, which is not as fast but reasonably powerful for a smooth operation.

Speed is crucial when comparing two identical models. But with these two shavers from different brands, it’s best to consider how the whole shaving assembly works in unison to provide the best performance.

Noise Level

All foil shavers, in general, are pretty loud. Volume-wise, Series 9 is slightly quieter than Arc 5. It is expected since Arc 5 models use a more powerful motor than their counterparts. 

Regardless, models from the two series have different perceived noises. Panasonic models produce a distinctive, high-pitch whine with less vibration. Those from Series 9 have a low buzz and vibrate more due to the rotary motors.

Shaving With Braun Series 9
Shaving With Braun Series 9

Wet/Dry Operation

Wet and dry shaving spells a difference between the two series. All models from Panasonic Arc 5 are safe for wet and dry shaving. Most Series 9 models are for wet and dry use (except for the dry only 9090cc).

When used with shaving cream, Panasonic Arc 5 performs better than their competing models. The shaver glides effortlessly and tackles that coarse facial hair that you otherwise would not get a close shave. 

With only a thin lather, wet shaving with Arc 5 is exceptional. When dealing with flat-lying hair, in particular, this Panasonic series gives a more precise, closer shave if used wet.  

Although the Series 9 is not equally good at shaving with cream, it gives a satisfying performance with the dry operation. Unless you’re a fan of wet shaving, settle on dry shaving with the Braun shaver, and you don’t have to deal with manual cleaning the machine.

Shaving Time & Battery

Panasonic Arc 5 units take 60 minutes to charge fully and provide around 45-minute of running time. Braun models take the same amount of time to charge up but can run for 50 minutes (old generations) and up to an hour (new Series 9). 

Both brands offer quick charging in 5 minutes to give enough power for a single shave. 

Cleaning And Maintenance

Manual Cleaning 

Cleaning Panasonic shavers is much easier. You can remove the foils and blades in a cinch to clean all the dirt buildup. 

Moreover, you can activate the Sonic vibration mode to shake the stubborn hair and cream. Simultaneously, rinse it under running water to thoroughly clean your shaver.

Panasonic Arc5 Is Easy To Clean Manually
Panasonic Arc5 Is Easy To Clean Manually.

On the other hand, Braun’s shaving head does not give easy access for a deep clean. Upon opening the head, you can see that the foils and blades virtually form a single piece, known as the cassette. So it’s easier to miss out on hair clippings and dirt due to the small, complicated components inside this cassette. 

Automatic Cleaning Station

The oldest Panasonic iteration is bulky and leak-prone. The manufacturer managed to fix these problems in the second and third generations. In general, Panasonic cleaning stations of these two iterations are comparable to their competing models.

Another nice thing about Panasonic’s cleaning stations is the switch from cleaning cartridges to concentrated detergent gel since the second generation. Detergent sachets are more compact, convenient (as you no longer need to mix anything in the station’s tray), and more economical. 

This change of cleaning stations gives Panasonic the upper hand in terms of cost for budget-conscious users. The last thing that helps Arch 5 triumph over its competitor convincingly is the dry option only. You can choose to only dry your shaver with Panasonic’s cleaning stations, whereas there’s always an A-to-Z cleaning cycle with Braun. 

To sum up the pros and cons of cleaning stations of the two series, here are our suggestions:

  • If Braun series 9 is your chosen shaver, it’s worth spending the extra for a cleaning station.
  • With the Panasonic Arc 5, 1st-generation cleaning stations are a big no to us. The second and third generations of cleaning bases are an obvious improvement, and the choice is yours. If you feel the added convenience justifies the extra money, then go for it. Yet, we would say that they are not a must, given how easy the manual cleaning is. 


Blades from both two series can last around three months of use. The actual longevity depends on how often you shave, care and maintenance. 


The latest Arc 5 is more expensive than a Series 9. However, go for the second-generation models without a cleaning station if you want a more affordable Panasonic shaver.

Panasonic detergent sachets are more affordable and longer-lasting than Braun cleaning solutions.

The replacement blades and foils of the two brands are quite the same for their second generations. They are still expensive and sought-after for the latest iterations. 

Quick Rundown Of Panasonic Arc 5


  • Premium metal body
  • Closer shave
  • Sonic vibration cleaning
  • Powerful motor for a fast, efficient shave
  • Easy to clean manually
  • Great wet shaving with cream


  • Improvable performance on longer hairs
  • Slightly noisier
  • Not as comfortable as Series 9 models

Who Is Suitable?

If you place shaving closeness at a premium, Panasonic Arc 5 is the obvious choice. Also, the wet shaving performance is phenomenal. Thus, the shaver is better suited to wet-shaving lovers. 

Their design makes them easier to clean manually. We would recommend purchasing this series without cleaning stations if you’re on a tight budget.

Quick Rundown Of Braun Series 9


  • Works better with longer hair
  • Comfortable shave
  • More suitable for sensitive skin
  • Close shave


  • Expensive
  • Plastic body
  • Hard to clean manually

Who Is Suitable?

The Series 9 is arguably one of the most comfortable electric shavers, so it’s a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. It is more efficient in dealing with longer stubble. Thus, it’s also a good option for people shaving daily or every two days or more. 

What Is The Best Overall?

These two foil shavers are the top performer in their category, so it’s hard to choose the better one. It depends on your needs and priorities to pick out the most suitable. 

All in all, Panasonic Arc 5 has a metal body that is more aesthetically pleasing. The series is also slightly better than its competitors in more categories we’ve analyzed. So it is more likely to be the choice in the Panasonic Arc5 Vs Braun Series 9 competition. 

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