Philips Oneblade Review

The Philips Oneblade is more of an electric razor than it is a shaver or a beard trimmer.

It says that it can give you a shave almost as close as you’d get with a normal razor, without having to worry about ingrown hairs and razor burn. Besides, it’s said to cut time off of your shaving routine, too.

Well, I am pretty lazy, might be one of the laziest people out there.

Therefore, I jumped at the chance to stop having to shave with a razor every day, and instead of having the ability to just use this electric Philips OneBlade razor instead. So, just how good is the Philips Oneblade – is it good enough that you can throw away all of your cartridge razors?

Let’s take a look at the Oneblade and see how it performs.

Philips Oneblade Review

The Brand

I’m not too sure I need to say too much about the Philips brand, as it’s likely everyone heard of them. They have a few different popular series of shavers and trimmers, like the Norelco brand, and other shavers like the series 5000.

They tend to specialize in foil shavers which I’m not particularly fond of, so I can’t say I’ve tried most of their other products.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

The Oneblade have been heavily pushed recently, so they obviously think that they’ve managed to make something decent.

The Cost

I picked up the Oneblade for around £40 ($50) – I might have been able to get it cheaper if I waited until it was on sale, but I don’t think it drops down that much in valuation.

However, this did come with 3 different trimmer attachments (I’ve seen that nowadays they have 4 with newer releases) and an extra head to use with the razor in general.

Whilst the initial outlay wasn’t too much, the only concern that I had with the cost of the product was the cost of the razor heads.

They can be as much as £10 ($12) for just one replacement head, and if I had to replace it every few weeks – well, the costs were going to stack up pretty quickly.

The Unboxing

I was pretty surprised by the small size of the Oneblade. It’s way thinner than any other kind of electric razor, and it appears more like a designing trimmer than anything that can really tackle beard growth.


The Oneblade has rubber grips on the outside of it, which makes it very easy to grip in your hand.

It’s also actually a waterproof electric razor, so you can use it quite easily in the shower as well. This is where the grips come in hand, as they won’t slip out of your hands easily.


Although I don’t use the Oneblade in the shower too much, it’s nice having the ability to use it as a waterproof electric razor too. There aren’t too many other waterproof models out there that work well with sensitive skin.

Oneblade Attachments

In addition to the base electric razor, it also comes with three different guide combs that you can attach to the top of the razor. They’re aptly named lengths 1, 2, and 3 – 1 will give you a very slight beard longer than stubble, and 3 will give you a short and pretty neat beard, whilst 2 is obviously somewhere in between.

I’ve been managing to use the grade 3 comb regularly each week to trim my beard down a little and keep it at the same length, which saves me from cracking out the beard trimmer.


I have read that the newer models of the Oneblade actually have a 4th attachment length, which I’ll be keen to try and might order soon. But the original ones do work very well for beard trimming, and can enable you to maintain a neat trim.

The Blade

An electric razor is only as good as the blade that it uses.

For most people, they’ll be looking to get as close to a clean, wet shave as possible with the Oneblade, as no other face shavers really come close to a clean shave, always leaving stubble.

So does the Oneblade really give you a truly clean shave? The truthful answer is.. no. The Oneblade does shave closer than any other electric shaver I’ve used, but it still doesn’t come close to getting hair as short as a wet shave.

Whilst it shaves down to slightly less than what I’d define as “stubble”, it’s not a completely clean shave. However, for me, this is fine, as my beard would probably grow out this length within less than a day anyway.

You can get it to shave a little closer by ensuring that your neck and face are wet when you’re using it, as well as using some shaving cream with it too.

However, when you need to do all of this for a wet shave feel, in my opinion, you may as well use a razor.

Besides, the blades are quite expensive (well, very expensive), but you won’t need to renew them all that often. I’ve used the Oneblade to shave 3 times a week around the neck area, and it lasts a good few months before having to change to a new blade.

Overall Verdict

Whilst initially I wasn’t that impressed with the Philips Oneblade, I think I was expecting it to cut as close as a razor. If you need to clean/wet shave your face to keep up appearances or for work, then you’ll have to stick with a normal razor to do this.

The Oneblade does manage to cut your hair short, it doesn’t cut it close enough to the skin to compare to a wet shave.

However, I am still using the Oneblade on a regular basis. If you don’t need to keep your face and neck clean-shaven, then I think it’s pretty great.

Without a guide comb attached, it cuts your hair down to short stubble – which a clean shave would’ve grown back to in a day anyway.

Additionally, with the guide comb attached (level 3), it can actually be used to trim down your beard to a pretty neat, short length. So, no need for a beard trimmer. If you want to see this model compared to others, then check out my electric razor guide.

All in all, if you prefer stubble to a clean-shaven look anyways, then I’d definitely recommend getting yourself a Philips Oneblade.

It’s proving to be pretty perfect for me to be able to maintain a short and neat beard, with an almost clean-shaven neck. I think the Oneblade would be perfect for younger teens who don’t want to use a cartridge razor, as it can tackle thinner hair very easily.

So, yes, I’d definitely recommend the Oneblade as a decent option.

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