Shave Club Reviews – Which Shave Club is Best?

When searching for the best shave club, you need to get the right one for your skin. Shaving products have become more expensive over the past few years, and you can save money by opting for shaving subscription boxes instead.

It seems like there are different shave clubs and shaving subscription services popping up all over the place. We all know of the big ones like Harry’s and the Dollar Shave Club – but are these the best shave club services we can use? Or are there better options out there that you might not have used before?

Well, fortunately I decided to make it my mission to find out which of these shave clubs actually offers the best shave.

Shave Club Reviews – Which Shave Club is Best?

What’s are the qualities we’re looking for in a good razor? Well, the main thing that we’re looking for is a clean, close shave with minimal irritation. This means that there’s no razor burn whatsoever, and I’ll be looking for an incredibly close shave.

That’s it. I’ll be using each of these models with their respective shaving cream/foam/gel that the company offers with them too. Blade refills will generally be around the same price, but I’ll mention it anyway incase you’re looking for the cheapest shave kit possible. If the service comes with additional extras like shave soap or a post shave balm then I’ll try that too.

Oh, and I should probably mention that all of these razors are being judged by shaving your face. If you’re bald like me, then you may be looking for a razor that you can use to shave your head with. Well, let me say that the best option definitely isn’t any of these razors! Most of them have too many blades – if you’re looking to shave your head, check out this article on the best bald head razor.

Dollar Shave Club


Trial Cost: £5

Blade Cost: £8 for 4 (£2ea}

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The one that started it all. The Dollar Shave Club is no longer a dollar, but it’s still the most popular shave club worldwide.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

Although I was initially pessimistic about the DSC, I ordered the Executive option that comes 4 with blades and their shaving cream butter, Mr Carver. In all honesty, I was impressed by all of it. The shaving butter was definitely a winner, and the razor itself is made to a very high quality.

All in all, the Dollar Shave Club is one of the better options that’s currently available. The razor handle is big and solid, and the razor head itself is quite firm. And above all, the razor blades give you a smooth and irritation free shave.

Honestly, whilst I do like the Dollar Shave Club as a whole, there’s one major negative that I can think of. The Dollar Shave Club handle is literally the same as the Dorco Pace 6. Like, they literally have Dorco make all of their handles, and their razor blades too.

This means that if you can find the Dorco Pace 6 for a pretty reasonable price, then you can get yourself some pretty decent savings. Sometimes, you can find the Pace 6 razor blades on sale (it’s pretty rare), which means that you can stock up on them.

Obviously this defeats the whole purpose of a shave club and a shaving subscription, and maybe I’m just a massive stinge, but you could save yourself some money by doing this. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a decent enough razor with some good accessories (their shaving butter is pretty great), then the Dollar Shave Club might be a good option.


  • Provides a solid shave with very minimal irritation.
  • The handle is easily attached to the blade, which helps to reduce time (you’d be surprised how difficult some other brands make it).
  • The Dr Carver’s Shaving Butter is awesome, and helps to give a smooth shave. Pretty expensive though.


  • I still can’t get over it being the same product as the Dorco Pace 6 to be honest.
  • The handle design is pretty big and bulky, and feels quite clunky in comparison to other, sleeker designs.

Harry’s Razors


Trial Cost: £3.95

Blade Cost: £14 for 8 (£1.75ea)

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Although the most well known one is Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s is another one of the most popular shave clubs on the market. The brand has grown from strength to strength in recent years. They’re even at the point now where they’re no longer just a shave club, and you can find their products in a lot of major stores, like Boots.

In comparison to the Dollar Shave Club handle, it’s really like chalk and cheese. Whilst the DSC handle and razor is designed to be firm, the Harry’s handle is very flexible. It bends back when you’re shaving your face with it, which will suit those with sensitive skin. However, it might frustrate those who are looking for a more rigid head (all of the razors here have a flexible head to a degree, but this razor has more that the rest).

The Harry’s Razor before bending it backwards.
This razor is pretty flexible, as you can see.

This design does take a little getting used to. If you have sensitive skin, then it might prove to actually be better for you in the long run, as it outs less pressure against your skin, which can result in a better shave with less irritation.

The blades that Harry’s use are pretty good, and I found them to last a good couple of shaves before I noticed a difference with them. I am quite fussy with my razor blades, and I like them to be extra sharp. For this to be the case, I’d probably end up going through one razor cartridge a week, which isn’t too bad I guess. The package also includes a pretty great shave gel, which I actually ended up ordering more of after my initial order, as it smells great and gives me a clean shave.


  • It’s the best shave for those who have sensitive skin, and have suffered with irritation around the neck area.
  • The handle is also one of the best that I’ve used. It’s rubber design is lightweight, yet still of a decent quality.
  • Like the DSC, Harry’s have a really great shave gel. They also sell a few other products, like face washes.


  • If you have really coarse thick hair, then I don’t think that the razor head is firm enough. It’s flexibility favours those with thinner hair.
  • The blades seemed to get blunt very quickly, which minimizes the amount of times that you can re-use them. In turn, this ends up costing you more money.


Trial Cost: Free Handle with Blades (£14)

Blade Cost: £14 for 6 (£2.33ea)

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Another one of the better known shaving subscription clubs in the UK is Cornerstone. Whilst they don’t have the presence in foreign countries like America that the DSC and Harry’s do, they still have a ton of happy subscribers signed up to their service this side of the water.

The best part about Cornerstone is definitely the chrome-finished razor handle that they use. If you compare it to something like the Bic razor handle, then you’ll be able to feel the difference in quality straight away.

As well as this, if you like a more customized feel, then you can actually personalise the razor itself with a 3 letter inscription on it’s base (I put TED on mine, as I’ll probably give this one to my son).

But what about the shave? Well, I would say it was definitely pretty good. Was I blown away by how good it was? No. But then again, I am sad enough to build a site about razors, so I doubt I’d be blown away by anything to be honest.

The blades are pretty expensive, and in my opinion, they’re not anything special. So that sums it up really – great handle, pretty good shave and not a bad effort from Cornerstone.


  • Undoubtedly the best razor handle of the bunch. It’s high quality, and for those who prefer a heavier handle, it’s great.
  • Blades are of a good quality. Suitable for those with sensitive skin, too.
  • The personalisation of the handle is, well – a little childish. But it’s still quite satisfying.


  • The shave cream is alright but at £6 a pop, it’s pretty expensive and runs out pretty quickly.
  • The blades are expensive too, more expensive than both DSC and Harry’s.



Trial Cost: Free Handle with First Order

Blade Cost: £10 for 4 (£2.50ea)

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Gruum is one of the newer brands that I have listed here, and they have quite a different razor design to the typical handle. I actually got this package as part of a perks package with work, so it might be worth seeing if you’re signed up to any of them too.

The most notable thing about the Gruum razor is the oska handle. As I mentioned, it’s very different to all of the other handles I’ve tried, which have a much thinner base. Whereas this model has a fatter design, which might be good for some people. Even through it’s design is wider, it isn’t any heavier – it’s actually one of the lightest razor handles that I’ve used, too.

The razor cartridge is very similar to that of the Harry’s razor, with a loose hinge that tends to suit those with sensitive skin better. It also has a little roller along the bottom of the cartridge too, which is intended for it to give you a smoother shave. Although I like the cartridge, they are expensive.

They’re another pretty decent shaving subscription service that might be worth your while trying. However, they’re not doing anything too revolutionary, despite what their marketing may tell you. Plus, the fact that razor blade refills are some of the most expensive you can find will probably put a lot of people off this razor.


  • The 90° angle flexibility in the head of the razors makes it good for those with sensitive skin, and for use as a body razor too (getting into those uncomfortable areas).
  • The handle is a little different, but it’s good once you’ve got used to it.
  • With a heavy focus on being sustainable, they’re a brand to root for in the long term. Hopefully all brands can become as conscious of their environmental impact.


  • The most worrying thing about this razor is the five blade cartridges cost £2.50 each. That’s the most expensive of any of the razors on this list.
  • I like the oska razor handle, but I’d love to see a new version with rubber grips on it in the future.

Bic Shave Club

Trial Cost: £3.75
Blade Cost: £7 for 4 (£2ea)

I’ll make no secret of my negative preconceptions about the Bic Razor. As someone who’s used a cheap disposable razor on occasion when I’ve been caught without one, I know the pain of covering your face with tiny bits of tissue paper to stop the bleeding. And with the Bic name almost being synonymous with cheap disposable razors, I was definitely dubious about the quality of this model.

However, I was fairly pleasantly surprised. I say fairly because there was was some things I did’t like about the build of the razor. I’m not a fan of the ball design that you need to press down on to release the razor – it got stuck a few times while I was using it. The design of the razor itself is pretty good, and it feels comfortable to use too.

I did like that the razor cartridges come with a cover that you can slide on and off, as opposed to it clicking on into position. And, I did use it for a good few weeks and found the shave well.. really smooth.

So, whilst I probably wouldn’t opt for the Bic Shave Club above some of the other options here, they definitely provide a pretty decent razor that you can have a good shave with.


  • It’s a pretty standard razor that offers a decent enough shave, but nothing really stands out about it.
  • The blades are definitely above average, and you can get a good few reuses out of them before throwing them away.
  • The blades are cheaper than most of the other shaving subscription services out there.


  • To put it bluntly, the handle sucks. Whilst I don’t mind when you’re actually using it, the ball used to detach the blades gets stuck sometimes.
  • It provides a good shave, but it’s not as good as the other razors listed here.


Trial Cost: £5
Blade Cost: £14 for 6 (£2ea)

This is basically the same as the DSC razor, so I can’t really give you anything else in terms of performance. In terms of cost, they actually work out cheaper than the DSC if you order them online. You can get even bigger discounts if you order the blades in bulk, too.

I went ahead and order some more of the Pace 6 Pro razor blades, and you can use them fine with the DSC razor handle. I do have the Pace 6 handle as well, which is exactly the same – a little clunky, but I like the close shave that it gives me.

You can pick up the Pace 6 cartridges exclusively on Amazon. This is a good way to get more cartridges for your Dollar Shave Club razor, as they both use the same cartridges. They’re often cheaper on Amazon, too.


  • I mean, I’m basically reviewing the Dollar Shave Club again because it’s the same handle and the same blades.
  • The blade quality is great, and if you shop around, you can find them in bulk on occasion.
  • As well as provided a great shaving experience, buying them in bulk can keep costs low.


  • The pricing of the subscription service seems to fluctuate, making it more expensive than the DSC.
  • Like with the DSC, the handle itself is pretty clunky.

Overall Verdict

All in all, I’d say that in all honesty, there’s not much between the better options on this list when it comes to razor subscriptions. Out of them all, I think I liked the Dollar Shave Club razor the most for shaving the face – the 6-blade design does work well.

However, I ended up just carrying on using the Dorco Blades refills, which in the UK are sold exclusively on Amazon (not too sure about America). Doing this can end up saving you a lot of money on refills over the course of a year, especially if you like to shave on a daily or semi daily bases.

For those with more sensitive skin, I’d recommend that you consider looking at the Harry’s razor. It’s rubber handle and flexible head make it perfect for this, but it’s just not great for shaving through coarser, thicker hair in my opinion. It may be the only razor I’ve found with this style of handle, which although looks cheap, is actually very well made.

However, pretty much all of the shave clubs that I tried I found above average to be honest, and I’m not easily impressed. With Gruum and Cornerstone, it comes down to the style of handle you like, as they’ll both take a little while to get used to. I’m still not impressed by the expense of the cartridges, but hey – one step at a time.

Lee Cantor

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