Shavette Vs Safety Razor: Which One To Opt For Fine Shaving?

Without a doubt, both men and women in modern days prefer to shave regularly to maintain a neat look. But a beginner may feel overwhelmed when determining between Shavette vs Safety Razor for daily shaving.

The reason for this puzzle might as well be because you find it hard to tell the main differences between Shavette and Safety Razor. They are both effective cutting tools that remove your beard and body hair, even for a head shave.

However, it is important to distinguish them since each serves a different shaving purpose. For that reason, you want to learn more about this tool in comparison to enjoying a smooth shaving experience.

About Shavette

What Is Shavette?

A Shavette
A Shavette

In short, straight razor with a disposable blade are Shavette. The name of this implement originates from its design resembling a straight razor. So what is the main factor that separates these items?

The concept is quite simple; a straight razor will offer a permanent edge, while a Shavette blade is easily replaceable. Therefore, barbers prefer using Shavette on various customers to ensure good hygiene.


  • A Shavette has a long history of usage dating back a long time ago, in which many generations have tried and trusted this item.
  • Its replaceable blades play a major role in maintaining hygiene, especially necessary for commercial use like in barbershops.
  • Disposable blades often come in low-cost bundles.
  • It provides an impressively close shave for facial hair grooming with a new blade in every use.


  • A Shavette features a steep learning curve that Cartridge Razor users may not be used to handling.
  • It does not enable skin protection as fine as Safety Razors with the sharp blade glide. Consequently, using a Shavette requires you to be slow and attentive to shave well.
  • It is not easy to find an appropriate shaving angle with this unit in comparison to a Safety Razor.
  • Most newbies struggle to hold the Shavette properly at first, partly due to its shape and grip.

Product Suggestions

  • Parker’s Walnut Wood Handle Shavette

This product from Parker has a reliable clip closure mechanism, a heavyweight stainless steel blade arm, and an exquisite-looking handle made from genuine wood.

It is ideal for professional use, accepting all 1/2 pre-cut blades with 5 extra blades included.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors
  • Dovo Silver Shavette Satin Finish Set

The Dovo Shavette is compact with appealing craftsmanship, perfect for traveling or a beginner to wet shaving. It offers matte finish stainless handles, as well as a polished stainless blade holder with a  transparent insert.

  • Facon Professional Classic Shavette + 100 Blades

You will love the ergonomic design of this classic Facon razor with 25% higher blade exposure for added convenience. Its finish is matte black with a handle made from genuine Japanese stainless steel and a plastic pouch.

The salon-quality product comes with a bundle of 100 extra blades and a lifetime guarantee.

About Safety Razor

What Is Safety Razor?

A Safety Razor
A Safety Razor

The Safety Razor gained popularity quickly after being introduced in the late 19th century for being easy to use with less maneuverability than straight models. It enables a gentle shave when used properly, preventing you from shaving bumps.

Most importantly, it has a safety bar that makes the most contact with your skin while shaving, adding less pressure to the edge of its blade. You might cut yourself with a Safety Razor, but the risk is low.


  • Safety Razor requires much less practice and skill to master than using a Shavette.
  • There is a variety of Safety Razor designs to choose from.
  • It usually comes with a perfect grip and balance in hand.
  • Its blade is much more affordable than a Shavette.


  • The shaving angle is not as close as using a Shavette.
  • It does not look cool and classic while you shave.

Product Suggestions

  • Bevel Safety Razor For Men

The Safety Razor from Bevel is a re-engineered model using a single blade with double edges for effortless cuts. It includes a generously weighted handle made from brass and a fancy finish in silver color, making it an ideal gift for men.

  • MUHLE HEXAGON Safety Razor (Closed Comb)

Thanks to its ergonomic hexagonal profile, the MUHLE HEXAGON Safety Razor has a practical structure to ensure an excellent grip. The best part is its closed comb design prevents aftershave build-ups.

  • Standard Razors Aluminum Series Safety Razor

This Standard Razors product features a 3-piece design for less fatigue while shaving. It has a durable material from aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish and works with all types of double edge razor blades.

Differences Between Shavette Vs Safety Razor

There are a series of diverse features when Shavette is compared with Safety Razor, such as ease of use, design, results, maintenance, etc. You will get a better idea of how both of them perform after this section.


  • Shavette

Shavette Components
Shavette Components

Although this cutting tool might appear simple, Shavette contains a variety of different components inside. Take a look at the diagram above. You can also fold the Shavette for convenience in travel and storage.

Beginners may run into problems trying to find the right shaving angle with the Shavette at first due to its complex structure. But you will definitely enjoy its sharp glide once you master the razor.

  • Safety Razor

Safety Razor Components
Safety Razor Components

Safety Razor usually has a T-like design similar to most available modern Cartridge Razor. The picture above is this product diagram. Its handle grip may vary from a chrome-plated finish to a knurled etching.

Thanks to the safety bar and its double edge razor blade, you can rest assured that the risk of injury is low with reliable cuts.


Safety Razor users would be highly aware of the high safety level you can get from shaving with it. The razor enables safe cuts with fewer risks as it encloses with the blade. Your skin will not touch its edge directly.

In contrast, barbers fancy a Shavette more for haircuts due to its sharp razor shaves. It is because it offers higher preciseness than the other type and allows barbers to shape your hairlines much easier.

Ease Of Use And Risks

Shaving With A Safety Razor
Shaving With A Safety Razor

If you insist on getting a Shavette face shave without proper skills and technique, you might regret it later when injuring your skin. As we mentioned earlier, the Shavette blade is sharp and glides quickly.

Given such risks of injury when you use a Shavette to shave, it will take you longer than shaving with Safety Razor.

Therefore, if you are short of time, we suggest Safety Razor for a quick shave. Also, it is easy to use, even when you are inexperienced, limiting your ability to cut yourself. 


Shavette will result in a different outcome compared to using Safety Razor for shaving. The first one provides a sharp cut with cleaner shaving, but the latter is suitable for starters requiring more safety.

Price And Expenses

There is not much of a price difference regarding these 2 types of razors. It costs you only about $20 for an economical Safety Razor, but the price gets higher to a maximum of $150, depending on this product quality.

On the other hand, Shavette prices range between $25 and $200. 


In terms of both product designs, you can see that Safety Razor will house a double edge blade, while Shavette uses a single edge blade. 

Because you can switch directions for a double edge blade, you only need to replace it once a week,  if you only shave once a day. On the other hand, the single edge blade with one side only will require you to change it at least twice a week.

You can perform the same maintenance for both of them. Give the blade a clean wash aftershave, dip it in alcohol for bacteria removal, and let excess water evaporate. Wipe it dry to store in a low humid area.

Shavette Vs Safety Razor – Which One Is Better?

After a detailed comparison of Shavette vs Safety Razor regarding all aspects, you can see that they perform well for different purposes. 

One option is beneficial for preciseness while you get to experience safety with the other. Therefore, it is hard to favor only one razor because it depends a lot on your requirements in shaving.

Who Is Shavette Suitable For?

Getting A Beard Shave From A Barber
Getting A Beard Shave From A Barber

Shavette provides more precise cutting and outstanding sharpness. It is a popular shaving tool for commercial purposes like barbershops with proper sanitation of fresh razor blades to shave new customers.

Who Is Safety Razor Suitable For?

On the other hand, a beginner who recently started wet shaving will love Safety Razor. If you are used to Disposable Razor, you will have no difficulty in this new transition into safety blades.

Moreover, because this model offers a quick shave, it suits busy men that do not have much patience or time to complete a full shaving morning routine with Shavette. The initial price is quite low as well.


Now that you are fully aware of Shavette vs Safety Razor, you will understand that there is no ultimate option for everyone. You can have a smooth and precise grooming session with both of them.

Depending on your needs and condition, opt for the most suitable razor to shave safely and comfortably every morning. 

Thank you for reading.

Lee Cantor

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