Shaving In The Shower Vs. Sink: Which Method Should You Choose?

Shaving in the shower vs. sink is a never-ending debate.

Some argue that shaving in the shower is faster and easier than shaving at the sink. Others claim that shaving at a sink gives them more control over the razor than standing in a shower stall.

In this section, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of shower shaving and sink shaving. So, let’s break it down.

Shaving In The Shower


Shower shaving provides the following advantages.

First, individuals who are lucky enough to get a non-steam mirror right in the shower can shave at the same time. 

Many men like to shower before shaving since the warm, steamy water will soften their skin and help lift hair, resulting in a more pleasant shave.

Second, shower shaving is especially beneficial for males with skin irritation and razor burn. It keeps the skin moist and supple while preventing nicks and cuts when the blade slides against the hair.


Nevertheless, the logistics may be problematic based on the tool you use.

Electric shavers used in the shower are preferable to straight razors or cartridge razors because they do not require additional accessories, including a pre-shave soap, lather bowl, a brush, and others.

Shaving in the shower brings both advantages and disadvantages.
Shaving in the shower brings both advantages and disadvantages.

Shaving In The Sink


For most men, sink shaving has been considered a wet shave ritual. Many will make use of the shower as a warm-up, while others will go right into their routine in front of their mirror.

Shaving in the sink may take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes on average, with some people taking longer depending on their product and routine use.

Unless you have a cleaning system and are dry shaving, the sink shaving is a simple choice to stand in front of the mirror and then rinse off the electric shaver’s head.


Sink shaving is convenient, but it comes at the expense of a clogged drain. You may not find any problem for a while until the water gurgles since it gradually bubbles down the drain – in case it drains at all. 

Besides, clogged drains seem not always simple to clear. When the clog has been there for a while, you may have to contact a plumber for help.

Clogging the drain is the major issue to sink shaving.
Clogging the drain is the major issue to sink shaving.

Is It Better To Shave In The Shower Or Sink?

Save time

Shower shaving seems to take much longer since not everyone has access to a mirror. Then you cannot see what you have done, so you have to shave over and over again to get a clean result. 

Additionally, repeated shaving increases your chances of being harmed by the blade. So, if you intend to shave in your shower, you will need a mirror to help you through the process.

Save water

Shaving in the sink is an excellent method to conserve water.

According to Dailymail, one-third of women may leave the shower running when shaving, consuming 10 liters of water every minute on average. Assuming it takes women three minutes to shave two legs and shave three times a week, each uses 4,680 liters of water for shaving per year.

In addition, both males and females shave many areas of their bodies, usually in the shower.

On the other hand, many think they use anywhere from 1 to 2 gallons of water (equal to 3.7854 to 7.57 liters) while shaving over their sink. However, these statistics are most probably dependent on their shaving practices.

Clog the drain

As previously mentioned, clogging the drain is the most troublesome problem when it comes to shaving in the sink. However, it does not mean that it does not happen to shower shaving.

Your hair is the ideal material for aggravating a blockage. Because it is not water-soluble, even strong drain cleaners may not get rid of it.

Longer and smaller hairs may clog the drain and form a tangled mat. Since they seek and hook onto oils, they are especially prone to sticking together. 

The oils ending up in the shower mainly come from the body and cleaning chemicals. It is the reason you should avoid dumping any oily things, such as cooking oils, down the shower drain. Oil and hair should not go along.

While hard water, soap scum, or long hairs may have caused your clog, shower shaving may make it much worse. The tiny hairs can work their way into the current obstruction.

Shave easily

Regarding which one helps you shave easier, we would choose shaving in the shower for these two reasons.

The first reason is that hot steam helps soften your hair and skin. The showers are both wet and hot. Wonder where all moisture is happening?

The answer is into the beard! The warm steam softens and supplifies your facial hair, causing it to fall off your face virtually.

Another reason we enjoy shower shaving is that hot showers can open the pores. Once you shower, the warm steam instantly soothes and opens the pores.

It is a significant benefit since open pores allow a closer and cleaner shave. When you stop shaving and feel the skin and jaw, you notice a difference.

What To Do To Avoid Clogging The Drain While Shaving In The Sink?

Do not overfill the sink

You are undoubtedly tempted to wash the blade in the sink partially full of water.

Unfortunately, it is the quickest way to clog the drain. Then, you may need to unplug the drain at some point, and it is not possible to keep your hair from flowing down a drain once it is combined with water.

Rather than filling your sink with water, clean the razor in a small bowl or coffee mug with hot water.

When the water becomes cloudy, drain it and replace it with water from the kitchen sink or bathtub. Alternatively, prepare two glasses of hot water.

Dip your razor in the first one to eliminate most lather, then rinse with the second one.

Do not overfill your sink to avoid clogging the drain.
Do not overfill your sink to avoid clogging the drain.

Do not rinse the lather down the drain

Shaving soap and shaving cream both have the potential to clog the drain. For this reason, you should also avoid rinsing any lather down the drain.

If using shaving cream or shaving soap, rinse the razor in a separate bowl of warm water to avoid hair and suds from clogging a drain.

Get your sink prepared

Shaving is inconvenient, mainly while using an electric razor, since tiny hairs may fly everywhere.

Therefore, you had better cover your sink using paper towels or a garbage bag to prep it. Assemble the sink bowl so that it is fully covered and has a concave shape to capture the hair.

In case you get a large mirror rather than a small mirrored cabinet, invest in a beard trimming mat featuring suction cups that adhere to the mirror.

Do not worry about cleaning the sink before shaving because you will have to remove any stray hairs afterward. Rather than wiping off the sink at the end, make use of this time to thoroughly clean it with the slogan “no hair left behind!”

Utilize the proper drain insert

Loosen the plug and utilize the sink shroom before sink shaving. It is a one-of-a-kind filter addition that captures hair that gets past ordinary drain catchers.

Other things that go down the drain, such as jewelry, are also caught by this gadget.

Make use of a drain auger

It is always feasible for hair to fall down a drain, regardless of how careful you are to secure the sink. So, one of the simplest ways to maintain your bathroom drain clear of obstructions is to use a drain auger after every shave. 

After every shave, utilize a drain auger to keep hair from accumulating in the drain, no matter where it comes from.

Make use of a drain auger
Make use of a drain auger

Run hot water for several minutes after sink shaving

After each shave, you should run hot water through the pipes for several minutes to dissolve any oily shaving lather. The goal is to dilute and dissolve it to the greatest extent possible. Frequently shave

Shaving regularly 

It may be the most excellent strategy to avoid clogging the sink. The less hair you need to shave off the face, the less hair goes down the drain.

What To Do To Avoid Clogging The Drain While Shaving In The Shower?

Like sink shaving, you are likely to cause a clog once you shave in the shower. However, it is okay, and you do not have to quit shower shaving to avoid clogs.

To avoid it, you can get a drain screen to collect the hair before it falls down a drain. Although you still need to clear it out after usage, it is far less complicated than coping with a blockage.

If your shower drain becomes clogged, you should call a plumber who will select the best solution for the clog issue rather than pouring something down a drain.

It usually entails utilizing a piece of suction equipment or a plumbing snake to eliminate all remnants of the clog so that you do not need to deal with it again.

If you are seeking instruction on how to deal with clogged drains in your bathroom, here is what you need:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to shave your legs in the shower?

The answer is yes. However, there is a mistake that many people make, which is shaving their legs as soon as they hop into the shower.

You can shave your legs in the shower. 
You can shave your legs in the shower.

You definitely need to get your routine started, but experts recommend spending approximately 15 minutes in the shower before shaving. Therefore, you had better begin with the shampoo, conditioner, and body washing first.

Doing so will soften the hair and open up the follicles. However, if you wait any longer, the skin may wrinkle and expand, making it difficult to shave closely.

You may try a shower stool or bench in case you intend to shave the legs in the shower but cannot get a proper position. Employing a stool or bench can make you more comfortable while shaving and also make shaving safer by moving you closer to the legs.

Is it okay to shave your legs in the sink?

Indeed, there is no problem with shaving your legs in the sink, and many people prefer doing so rather than shaving in the shower.

Those who have always been frightened of slipping in the shower, even on one of those gripping mats, can instead shave with their leg up in the sink. It appears to improve accuracy in obtaining all hairs and results in less razor burn and cuts.

Also, sink shaving is a terrific option when your legs require shaving, but you do not want to take a complete shower only to shave your legs.

Final Words

Whether shaving in the shower vs. sink is primarily a matter of personal preference. Instead, what is crucial is how you shave. That is why to achieve the most outstanding results and avoid irritat

ion, you need to understand shaving guidelines for each unique area of your body.

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