Difference Between Shaving And Trimming – Which One Is Best?

Beards and hair are often treated and cared for periodically to achieve a well-groomed appearance. Shaving and trimming are some of the most used methods for hair care. However, are shaving and trimming the same? What are the uses of each type of method?

These two methods are not the same, and they are also used for different purposes. Therefore, this post is intended to provide information on the difference between shaving and trimming. Read on!

Difference Between Shaving And Trimming 

Shaving is the act of removing the hair on a certain part using a razor or shaver. 

In most cases, shaving is usually done with lubricants such as creams, shaving foams, or lotions. The shaver will use the razor to remove all or part of the desired tresses length from any part of the body, such as the head, face, armpits, or legs.

Trimming of Shaving? 
Trimming of Shaving?

However, it should be noted that aggressive shaving can lead to dull skin. It is also known as hyperpigmentation, which is caused by rubbing a razor on the skin, leaving small cuts. As a result, the skin will replace the color of the damaged skin and lead to discoloration.

Shaving needs to work close to the surface of the skin. So it also leads to razor burn and razor bump issues. They are small round red spots that usually appear on areas of the skin after shaving.

Meanwhile, trimming is understood as removing part of the length of the tresses. In other words, trimming, shortening the tresses, and removing unnecessary ones. Trimming is usually done with scissors or trimmers.

The similarity of these two methods is the removal of unwanted hairs.

However, they are completely different. In most cases, people’s shaving method is a clean shave. This means you should expect close removal when applying the method. 

Meanwhile, trimming is just trimming the unwanted parts. This option is often used to remove split ends or when you want to shape your beard and hairs. This is not complete removal, but a portion of the hair will be retained.

Is Shaving Better Than Trimming? 

This depends on your goals. If you want to get rid of those tresses, you should opt for shaving. It will give you a close shave and completely remove the skin-to-skin beard within a day or two. 

But trimming is a better choice if you just want to style and remove only the damaged ones but not the whole.

Remember, both of these options require skills. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate these two methods based on their purpose, skin type, and desired appearance before deciding on one of them.

Direct contact of the razor with the skin also can cause skin infections. It can also lead to herpes or hyperpigmentation. Plus, if you shave your hair without exfoliating and regularly take care of the shaved area, you will also face ingrown ones and folliculitis.

However, more care should be taken when choosing to shave. Even with regular exfoliation, shaving can still cause ingrown hairs. It could be because the razor is not sharp enough or the shaving technique is not correct.

Trimming is said to be safer because you’ll be working further away from the skin. But the trade-off here is that it can’t remove the beards close to the skin.

Benefits Of Shaving 

Maintain Hygiene

Beards and mustaches have the potential to harbor infection-causing fungi and bacteria. They will be able to attack the hair follicle. This is scientifically proven and certainly not good for your health at all.

Shaving will help you limit this situation. As a result, you will have fewer health concerns. Especially in today’s dusty, polluted days, cleaning has become even more urgent.

Feels Fresh

More facial hair means more dirt and sweat accumulates there, especially when it’s sunny. This is for if you don’t understand why this is so urgent as we mentioned above.

Shaving for a Cleaner Appearance
Shaving for a Cleaner Appearance

If you’re in a hot, dusty place, you’re still likely to scratch yourself when trying to scratch your beard that has accumulated dirt. Shaving will help you feel fresh and solve these problems.

Looks Good

Really, not everyone looks good with a shaggy beard. It is only really suitable for people with delicate faces and their style is ideal for growing beards. For the rest of the cases, a clean shave can bring out the contours of your face.

So, if you have a round face, or your style is dynamic and youthful, choose a shave. They will make you look younger and leaner, and other people will be able to see your face more clearly.

Professional Appearance

When you need to have a really neat and professional look, the shaggy beard will be a hindrance to you no matter how perfect your outfit. So don’t let this happen. A clean shave also shows that you care about your appearance and are more likely to make a good impression.

If you have a beard, it takes a lot of work and must be trimmed smartly and neatly. This takes a lot of time and even money on beard care products. If you don’t have time, the best option is to shave them off.

Benefits Of Trimming 

Thicker And Fuller Beard

When you trim your beard, the lint and split ends are removed. It will also create a more rounded shape. So, trimming the beard will make the beard smoother, fuller, and thicker.

Regular Trimming Makes Beard Thicker
Regular Trimming Makes Beard Thicker

Hairs have different growth rates. So, just letting them grow naturally without shaping will make the beard look very messy. Trimming them will give you a healthy-looking beard. 

Improves Your Overall Look

Your face is the first thing a person who meets you will look at. A messy beard will make you look very messy and disheveled. If you like growing beards, it’s best to trim them to shape and keep them to a reasonable length.

Trimming and Shaping the Beard for a Stylish Look
Trimming and Shaping the Beard for a Stylish Look

Plus, use beard care products. If you have a neat and proper beard, you will look very elegant and stylish. It will help your overall look become more professional and smarter.

It is also a way to enhance your jawline and give you a sharper, more angular face. Growing a beard and trimming the shape around the jawline will help contour the face, and make the face look more balanced and overall better.

Remove Split Ends

Split ends are often caused by environmental factors such as extreme heat, cold, or wind. They are what causes beards to become brittle and break easily. The worst-case scenario is hair loss. Therefore, split ends are very annoying. 

Regular Trimming For Better Beard Growth
Regular Trimming For Better Beard Growth

They also prevent your beard from growing and make it look lifeless and unhealthy. All you need to do is keep an eye on your beard. Pruning removes split ends as soon as you see them. It is best to trim regularly to ensure maximum removal of split ends to keep your beard full and healthy.

Better Length Retention

It makes no sense to tell you to trim your beard while you’re growing them. But in fact, trimming damaged beards will help them maintain their hold. Damaged beards if not trimmed will fall out and make your beard thinner. So don’t hesitate to prune them away.

Dry, damaged and split ends also make styling more difficult. So don’t be afraid to cut them off. This also helps you keep the hairstyle longer. You will save time removing beards if you regularly trim those sections.

How To Shave Properly?

How To Shave Properly? 
How To Shave Properly?

Shaving can seem intimidating, especially for beginners. However, stay calm because it’s not that difficult. Follow the instructions below, and you will get the clean shave you want:

  • A few tips before you start shaving is to choose a sharp enough razor suitable for your skills.
    • If you are a pro, choose a straight razor.
    • If you’re not an expert but are familiar with shaving, choose disposable razors or a safety razor.
    • If you are a newbie, opt for an electric razor for safety.
  • Moisten the area to be shaved. The best time to shave is after bathing. Because at that time, the skin is moist, without excess oil and dead cells. Remember to exfoliate regularly to avoid ingrown beards. This also helps to reduce the risk of folliculitis.
  • Apply a cream or shaving foam suitable for your skin. The purpose of shaving cream is also to define hairlines and help soften the beard. Apply a layer evenly and just enough; the purpose is to protect and moisturize the skin.
  • Carry out shaving. Bring the razor blade in the direction of hair growth and start removing them. Make short and smooth strokes in areas marked by shaving cream.
  • It is important that you shave in the direction of beard growth to avoid bumps and scratches. After a few shaves, wash the knife before continuing to remove the hair.
  • Use skin care products after shaving to condition the skin. 
  • Lastly, store your razor in a dry place, and avoid getting it wet in the shower.
Exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs
Exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs

How To Trim Effectively?

Here are some step-by-step instructions for trimming your beard:

  • Wash your beard. Then dry it thoroughly. Choose the right trimmer and start trimming the beard once it has dried. The best way to effectively trim your beard is to start where it’s the longest.
  • Trim the entire beard in the opposite direction of hair growth until the desired length is achieved. Trimming in the opposite direction of hair growth also makes it easier to remove most of the excess tresses.
  • Next, you will have to deal with the beard neckline. Determine by placing your finger on your pharynx. Point up a little, about one and a half fingers or two. Define a horizontal but slightly arched line. That’s your neckline, trim it down to the neckline, then shave what’s below that line.
  • Look in the mirror and do a total retouch of the entire beard. Brush or shower to remove excess hair. At this stage, you should be good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should You Trim Or Shave Your Pubic Hair? 

First of all, you need to know that your pubic curls depend entirely on your authorization. You have the right to clean them or not; no one has the right to tell you to do so. 

Besides, you also need to know that hair protects your genitalia from dirt and infection. Therefore, for hygiene purposes, you should not discard them.

However, if you want to clean them for aesthetic reasons or increase your confidence, it is best to trim them down rather than shaving them close.

Some people will prefer shaving because they want to be completely clean. However, manipulating the razor so close to the delicate skin in that area puts you at a very high risk of injury. Worse, you run the risk of infection or herpes.

In addition, shaving also increases the risk of ingrown hairs and folliculitis. This is not good at all.

So, choose to trim them neatly instead. Working as far away from the skin as possible will help you avoid the risk of skin infection and injury. As a result, this method seems to be the safer choice.

Is Shaving Or Trimming Better For Beard Growth?

Both do not directly affect the rate of beard growth. However, if you are trying to grow your beard and want it to be thick and strong, it is essential to trim them regularly.

It sounds like a contradiction, but in fact, trimming the beard makes it healthier. Because you will remove damaged hairs and make it look more even, thanks to that, you will indirectly affect the beard growth process, helping them to grow faster.


Now you know the difference between shaving and trimming. In addition, you also know the effects and ways to choose and apply the right method at the right time and for the right purpose.

No matter which method you choose, it is important that you always pay careful attention. Take care and be gentle with your body as much as you can. Because at the end of the day, it is your body that you have to deal with!

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