Single Edge vs Double Edge Razor

Generally, when we talk about a safety razor, we’re generally talking about a double edge razor. You might see this referred to as a DE razor too, and the majority of safety razors out there made for consumers are double edged.

However, the DE razor is not the only type of safety razor out there. Another less popular razor is the single edged razor. This has become a little more well known in recent years, though it’s still nowhere near as commonly used as the double edge.

But what are the differences between the two, and which one should you opt for? Well, let’s look at the main differences between them so you can decide which would be best for you.

Single Edge vs Double Edge Razor

The main difference between a single edge razor and a double edge razor is that single edge tends to be a more aggressive razor, which can be more efficient too. However, double edge razors are the most popular, because they’re the better choice for the majority of people.

However, this is mainly based on my own experiences with both of these two types of razor. Let’s look at both of them a little closer to work out which one might suit you more.

Pros and Cons of Single Edge Razors


Because of the design of a single edge razor, they can be made to be much more aggressive than a double edge. This means that you can shave difficult areas, like under the mustache, a little easier.
Many single edge razor uses find that they actually provide a better, closer shave than a DE. This may be due to the thickness of the blade, which is thicker than that of a DE razor.
#Although single edge razor blades are harder to come by, they’re not any more expensive than double edge blades. So, if they provide a better shave and they’re the same price, it’s a win win, right?


Whilst the aggressiveness of a single edge razor can be a good thing, it does mean that they’re probably not the best choice for beginners.
Single edge blades differ a lot more than double edge razor blades do. This means that it can be very difficult to determine which blades are best for you, when DE blades are generally more standardized.

Pros and Cons of Double Edge Razors


Double edge razors are far more popular than single edge razors. This means that there’s a lot more variety out there to choose from in terms of both handles and blades.
A DE razor is likely to be the better choice for the beginners, as they are much more forgiving than the standard single edge razor.
Generally, a double edge razor is going to be cheaper than finding a single edge razor, which are rarer.


The main drawback that some people think is that double edge razors don’t provide as close of a shave as a single edge razor. This is likely due to the less aggressive design of the DE.
Those that use a single edged razor find them to be more efficient the the DE.


All in all, although these two types of razor are very similar, there are some differences between them that you should be aware of beforehand. In many cases, which design to use which just come down to your own personal preference, and you’ll likely find one of them far more suitable than the other.

So, why not try one of them out and see how you get on – you can see my list of my favourite safety razors in this guide. One of these two types of razors will definitely suit you, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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