Wahl VS Conair: Which One Is the Better Pick for Trimming Hair?

With a long history specializing in hair care, both Wahl and Conair’s hair trimmer can satisfy their customers with the high quality and tools of the main product. 

If you do not know which one will work best for you, this article will help you make the right decisions by comparing Wahl vs Conair and showing their difficulties, pros, and cons.

Now, let’s take a quick look at their history first!

Wahl VS Conair: The Long Brand History


Wahl - One of the oldest and reputable manufacturers of trimmer. 
Wahl – One of the oldest and reputable manufacturers of trimmer.

Back in 1911, a young student named Leo J. Wahl had an idea of using the electromagnetic motor to create electric clippers. He started to design the world’s first model of an electric hair clipper, and his uncle – J. Frank Wahl helped him to manufacture and sell the products. 

Leo began to introduce barbershop owners to the products he created as he thought his products could help these barbers improve their hair grooming business. Step by step, he created and founded his own company in 1919 – Wahl Clipper Corporation. 

This company has committed to creating high-quality grooming tools and machines, and the most famous product type of this company is their clippers. 

Throughout 100 years, Wahl Clipper Corporation is still serving customers worldwide with their products. When people talk about Wahl’s products, they think about one of the most trustworthy companies in the niche. 

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors


Conair LLC was founded in 1959 by Lee Rizzuto, and the company started directly with the hair care industry right at the beginning.

Conair is not a small company anymore but one of the biggest and most known producers of many different products throughout decades. 

Conair - one of the leaders in the field of health and beauty care. 
Conair – one of the leaders in the field of health and beauty care.

If clippers are the first thing people know about Wahl, people might think about Conair when purchasing exceptional hair dryers. Besides hair dryers, people also love this company for many other types of hair care tools, health and beauty products, kitchen tools, and more. 

At the moment, Conair is worth more than two billion dollars and still improving its technology to produce better products with time.

Wahl VS Conair Clippers

Wahl Clippers

When mentioning Wahl, people with some knowledge about grooming tools might definitely think about Wahl clippers.

Wahl has been unbeatable about creating outstanding clippers for hundreds of years, and their clippers can be great options for home use and professional hair grooming services. 

Many users, including barbers and hairstylists, have chosen Wahl clippers as the best-quality clippers, not only compared to Conair but compared to any other brand out there. These clippers are effective and super reliable. 

If you are a barber, a professional, a stylist, or just simply want to pick the best clipper in the market, then we recommend you stick with Wahl.

However, the price of Wahl clippers is much higher than most other clippers from other brands, so they might not be the best option for everyone. 

Wahl clippers are always trusted by professional barbers. 
Wahl clippers are always trusted by professional barbers.

Conair Clippers

As a company that has been around and growing big for decades, Conair is a reliable company. Even Conair clippers are not rated as high as Wahl, it does not mean their products, including clippers, have low quality. 

Conair clippers are packed with multiple helpful features. It is easy to cut and style your hair in the way you want to with these features. 

Many people also love Conair because if you spot some issue with the product you bought, the company is willing to exchange it for you with ease. 

The price of Conair clippers is also generally cheaper than Wahl. So, if you want to buy a decent clipper for your home use purpose, then Conair can also be a good option. 

Conair VS Wahl Hair Trimmer

Wahl Trimmers

If you ask a professional if he wants to pick a Conair or Wahl hair trimmer, he is more likely to pick a Wahl trimmer. 

Like clippers, trimmers from Wahl are not just some regular ones that can give you a so-so haircutting experience, but their quality is at the professional level. 

In terms of effectiveness, Wahl trimmers come with many options to help you cut your hair with ease. You can cut the hair smoothly from the sensitive parts, tougher parts, and difficult-to-reach parts of your body.

Moreover, you can use these trimmers nonstop for up to four hours when they are fully charged. 

Conair Trimmers

On the other hand, Conair trimmers can also be really decent and reliable options.

If you do not need a trimmer for your professional work, Conair trimmers can be great enough to give you a great hair or beard, but you can adjust them to several positions. 

Conair trimmers are an affordable choice for home use
Conair trimmers are an affordable choice for home use

Wahl VS Conair: Our Last Pick

Wahl and Conair are both two reliable brands that you can trust, but for many reasons that we have mentioned in the last two sections, Wahl is our last pick for both trimmers and clippers

Wahl is not just a general winner when compared to Conair, but their products are also the best ones for hair cutting that you can find. If you especially look for the best clipper in the market, then you should always go with Wahl clippers. 

So, does it mean Conair is a bad brand?

No. Even though Conair’s clippers and trimmers are not the best things in the world, these products can absolutely give you a great user experience. The brand also has a good reputation and has loyal fans from all over the world. 

To sum up, we recommend Wahl clippers and trimmers for professional hairstylists, barbers, and those who want to pick the best trimmers or clippers in the marketplace. 

Conair’s trimmers and clippers can be the more suitable choices for those who only want to get decent and reliable tools with more affordable prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK If I Cut My Hair with My Beard Trimmer?

Yes, you can do it, but you might not have a good experience or the best result afterward. As hair is normally denser and longer than the beard, it can be inconvenient to use beard trimmers for hair. 

In the worst case, if you try too hard to cut your long and thick hair with a beard trimmer, the blades can be damaged, and the tool might also ruin your hair. 

Can I Use Trimmers as Clippers and Vice Versa?

The answer really depends on the exact model of clipper or trimmer you are using. Yes, some clippers can also be used as trimmers, but most clippers cannot do a great job as trimmers, and vice versa. 

So, to know if the tool you have can work for both purposes, you need to read its label, do the research on that specific product, or ask the manufacturer for the answer. 

Final Thoughts

After comparing Wahl vs Conair, we hope you can now decide which products to choose.

In this article, we judge the quality of these products based on many different features, and we pick Wahl over Conair for its 5-start performance. 

However, if you do not need to cut hair too frequently and all you want is a product that can give you a nice experience, Conair can also be a great option, especially when you do not have to spend too much money on hair clippers or trimmers. 

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