Why Are Razors Locked Up? (Interesting Facts & Tips About Razors)

“Why are razors locked up?” must be one of the most common questions when it comes to shaving. Some of you might hear about this, but you will need this in mind if you are just a newbie and started to shave recently. 

Everyone enjoys the feeling of a tight, smooth shave, which is why customers used 163 million disposable razors in the United States in 2018. But, and that’s it, tons of problems came after the popularity of razors, which led to them being locked up. Now, read on to know more. 

Razors are locked up in most stores nowadays
Razors are locked up in most stores nowadays

Why Are Razors Locked Up?

In parallel with the growth of razor consumption, this kind of product has become more expensive, and a form of social crime appeared: Razor thefts.

The “razor theft industry” is called “a million-dollar industry,” which is insane. To prevent the razors (that are pretty small and get “vanished” quite quickly) from thefts, most stores have to lock them up. 

How razors are locked up
How razors are locked up

Usually, razors will be stored separately in a rack, with the outer shell being a layer of clear glass/plastic and is locked. Buyers will only get it when they call the store staff to unlock it.

Some places lock the razor directly at the top of the rack (so that the product cannot be taken down), although this is not very effective as thieves can use a knife to cut the paper part of the product and get it quite quickly.

You might think that a few hundred dollars in razor thefts are little to a large retail chain, but they claim it adds millions, if not billions, of dollars in lost sales each year.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

According to retail experts: slick thieves choose expensive brand-name razor blade cartridges because they are simple to hide and popular with customers.

For further information on this topic of razors, continue reading! 

Why Are Razors Stolen So Much?

According to retail experts, slick thieves like brand-name razor-blade cartridges because they are pricey, simple to hide, and, most importantly, popular among consumers. 

Some people shoplift because they feel ashamed about a purchase or because they are not of legal purchasing age.

Gillette razors range in price from $9 to $50, while razor blade refills range from $10 to $40, depending on the kind of razor blade and the number of refills.

To a large retail chain, a few hundred stolen razors may appear to be pennies on the dollar to a large retail chain. Nonetheless, organizations such as the National Retail Federation and the Food Marketing Institute claim that theft of razors adds millions, if not billions, of dollars to the money retail establishments lose each year.

Razor blades, such as the Gillette Fusion, have been included on both lists of the most-stolen products in retailers across the United States. According to published accounts, men’s razors first appeared on the list of “most shoplifted” items in 1998, with the launching of Gillette’s Mach.

Why Are Razor/Razor Blades So Expensive?

Each razor requires a great deal of accuracy, engineering, and craftsmanship. Making a great blade is a skill. Razors are extremely costly because of their accuracy. 

To produce razor blades, delicate steel sheets are ground until they’re razor-sharp at the tip and strong at the base. Finally, the blades must be paper-thin while still powerful enough to cut through coarse facial hair (1/10″ mm thick).

Various factories provide distinct signature razor angles and designs that specific brands employ. So naturally, the most costly angles are those of the greatest grade.

Interesting Facts About Razors And Shaving

A razor used to be known as one of the beauty essentials for men that we just cannot live without.

However, you hardly knew that this is also a popular beauty product in women’s pockets. And here are some interesting facts about razors that you should know. 

Women’s and men’s razors are not the same

While the blade technology in both razors is comparable, women’s razors feature a more rounded head. In addition, the added blade protection usually includes some kind of ‘guide bar’ – like mechanism that helps get longer, fine hairs in the appropriate place to be cut.

The hair follicles on a man’s face range from 10,000 to 15,000 

The hair follicles on a man’s face can range from 10,000 to 15,000. Consider your face to be an arena for athletic events and concerts, with each hair follicle serving as a seat. 

When compared to the Staples Center’s (19,000) and the Theater at Madison Square Garden’s (5,600) seating capacities, a men’s face would be somewhere in the center!

Men’s and women’s razors are different
Men’s and women’s razors are different

Women’s razors are intended to improve their vision

Men’s razor blades frequently have an oblique angle than women’s razor blades, and the handles are also designed differently.

This change in angle and handle form helps women to examine better what they’re shaving while they’re looking down at their legs, as opposed to males gazing directly into a mirror. We’d recommend the Gillette Venus razor for a close and pleasant shave.

It is completely OK to use a razor down there

This is okay for both men and women. However, because your bikini area is more sensitive, you should exercise caution and use a different razor for your body hair. 

When shaving, employ short, gentle strokes and a delicate touch. After shaving, apply a moisturizer (free of alcohol) to the affected region to calm it.

A dull razor will result in more cuts

A dull razor won’t make the right cuts, and it will often take more effort to get a clean shave, which can easily slip the user’s hand and cause injury. 

This is the reason why you should keep an eye out for when the cartridges need to be replaced. Also, after three or four usages, the indication strips on razors fade. This clearly indicates that the razor will no longer be as effective, and the blades will get dull.

Never dry shave
Never dry shave

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do female razors cost more?

Women’s razors are around 11% more costly than men’s. 

A discrepancy — dubbed the “pink tax” since women’s products come in “feminine” colors — implies that female shoppers are charged more for items like razors just because they are female.

By the way, making razors, shaving cream, pants, children’s toys, or even laxatives more expensive simply because they are marketed to women constitutes discriminatory.

Therefore, the only way to truly stop the Pink Tax is to call out brands that continue to practice discriminatory gender-based pricing.

Are razors restricted?

The selling of knives, knife blades, razor blades, axes, and other offensive weapons to minors is forbidden under the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (offensive weapons), as modified by the Offensive Weapons Act 1996 and the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006.

A fine of up to 6 months in jail can be imposed on the Magistrates’ Court conviction.


It’s the end of the article on “Why are razors locked up?”. So now you are clear why razors are protected carefully in stores and shopping retailers. 

We hope this information is helpful to you. Please share this post with your friends and family, and feel free to ask in the comment section below if you have any further questions or ideas on this topic. Have a good day!

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