Why Does My Razor Pull My Hair? Prevent Any Razor from Pulling Hair

Why does my razor pull my hair, you wonder, after an unsmooth shave? Keep on reading, as we will give you all the tips you need to save your hair from being pulled by any razor type!

If you choose to read this article, chances are you just got annoyed by your razor keep tugging your hair. Even though you may still finish your shave while dealing with this problem, it is definitely not an easy feeling. 

So, why does my razor pull my hair, you ask? There are many different reasons that make a razor pull your hair, and we will list them all in this blog. 

After reading the information we provide, you will prepare everything you need to say goodbye to this issue. For now, let’s look at the issues of the razors first!

Why Does My Razor Pull My Hair? Reasons from the Razors and Solutions

Different types of razors have similarities and differences, but the biggest reason your hair is tugged and pulled while shaving is because the blades are low-quality or damaged. 

Let’s talk about each type of razor and find a solution to stop them from pulling your hair. 

Why Does My Cartridge and Disposable Razor Pull My Hair?

Cartridge and disposable razors are easy and convenient to use. But in terms of cleaning, they might be a little bit more tricky than straight razors or safety razors. 

After shaving, if you do not notably pull all of the remaining hair out from the blades, the hair will make your blades get dull and rust faster with some liquid in it. When your blades get dull and rust, they will be more likely to pull your hair. 

Clogging is another reason that makes your razor keep tugging hair, even when the blades are still sharp. The blades can be clogged by your remaining hair, debris, or grease. 


  • When shaving, constantly wash and remove your hair from the blades. 
  • Dry and maintain the razor head after every shave. 
  • Change the broken, dull, or rusty cartridge with a new one.
Disposable razors might pull hair if the blades are dull or rusty
Disposable razors might pull hair if the blades are dull or rusty

Why Does My Safety Razor Pull My Hair?

For both single-edge and double-edge safety razors, the main reason they pull your hair is also because of the condition of the blades. When the blades are broken, rusty, or dull, they will tug your hair. 

Like cartridge razors, safety razors will also pull hair dirty and clogged with dirt, debris, or hair. 


  • Maintain razors after shaving. 
  • Get the blades out, then clean them and the razor top with soap or hand sanitizer to get rid of the debris. 
  • Replace the blade(s) with the new one(s.)

Why Does My Straight Razor Pull My Hair?

Broken or dirty blades can also make a straight razor pull your hair. But a more common reason why this razor type pulls your hair is probably that it is too dull. 


  • Always ensure the blade is not broken or dirty. 
  • Keep the blades sharp.  
You should keep your straight razor sharp so it will not pull your hair
You should keep your straight razor sharp so it will not pull your hair

Why Does My Electric Razor Pull My Hair?

There are two biggest reasons for an electric razor to tug hair: debris and the quality of the razor itself. 

Like all other types of razors we have listed above, an electric razor will also pull your hair if it is too dirty or clogged. When there is too much dirt or hair, the razor will not perform its best as the dirt might prevent the blades from cutting your hair properly. 

Another reason is the quality of the razors. Electric razors come in different brands and qualities. 

If you pick a low-quality electric razor, it might pull your hair shortly after you use it, even with no clogging and debris. 


  • Get rid of anything that clogs your electric razor, like debris, hair, dead skin, etc. 
  • Clean the razor and maintain it regularly. 
  • Get yourself a high-quality electric razor from a trustworthy company. 
  • Apply some light oil to the razor blades (or the part that moves while you shave.) Before applying oil, you should research whether it is okay to do that to the razor as products from different brands might differ. 

Why Does My Razor Pull My Hair? Reasons from You and Solutions

Besides the trouble coming from your razors, there is also some other reason that makes the razors pull your hair. Here are the most common mistakes you make:

You Do Not Shave Properly

Some people want to speed things up while shaving, which is not a proper thing to do while shaving. The razors will more likely “eat” your hair if you shave too hurriedly or uncarefully. 

Another reason for razors pulling your hair is that you take a longer shave than you should. 

You might not know that in order to get a better shave and prevent hair from being pulled, we need to shave a small area of hair first. Every shave we take should be short and careful. 

You should also keep in mind that shaving against the grain can also make more hair being pulled by the razor than shaving with the grain. So, if you want to get a close shave and go opposite the grain direction, you will need to put even more attention into the shave. 


  • Do not shave when you hurry because you might try to speed up the process and shave improperly. 
  • Shave a small area and remove the hair from your razor after each shaving line. 
  • Shave with the grain instead of against it. 

You Do Not Prepare Your Beard Before Shaving

There is a huge reason why shaving cream, oil, and lather exist. As these products are made to moisturize your hair before shaving, your hair will become softer and easy to cut if you apply them. 

When you forget to moisturize the hair before using a razor, you will be much more likely to pull your hair. If you do not trust us, do some small experiments by shaving with and without shaving moisture, and you will see a big difference. 

Solution: Make your hair wet and moisturized before shaving. The more moisture you apply, the less likely it is for the razor to eat your hair. 

Your razor can pull your hair if your beard is too long and thick
Your razor can pull your hair if your beard is too long and thick

You Keep Using the Unsuitable Razor Type

Depending on your hair’s length, type, and skin type, some razors are more suitable than the other ones.

For instance, if you have the problem of hair being tugged by the razor as your hair is too thick, then a safety razor might be a good choice. 

Solution: If the razor you are using has caused you too much trouble, then take that chance and try some other razor type. 

You Let The Hair Grow Too Thick and Long

The longer and thicker your hair is, the more likely it is to be tugged. Why? Because longer hair can stick on the razor blade easier, it is harder for you to cut it than shorter hair. 


  • Do not wait until your hair is too thick and long to cut it. 
  • If you like to grow a big beard and cut it only when you want to change the style, it is good to cut your beard short with scissors first. You can also cut your hair with the razor and start applying the razor near your face when the hair is shorter.

Maintain Your Razors to Prevent It from Pulling Hair

Ensure the Blade or Razor Teeth Are in Good Quality

Any product’s quality will reduce after using it for a while, and razors are not the exception. Before or after shaving, take a few seconds to check if the razor teeth or blades are broken. 

When the blade or razor teeth are broken, there might be many cracks on it, and it will more likely pull your hair or even keep the hair stuck on it. 

Always Keep the Razor Clean

Your blade will get dulled or rusty much faster without cleaning after every shave. So, never forget to clean the razor with shampoo or hand sanitizer, dry it with a cloth, and store it in a dry place. 

Pull out As Much Remaining Hair As Possible After Shaving

It is not easy to clean the razors well enough if too much hair is sticking between the blades (this problem happens more frequently for disposable and safety razors.)

The remaining hair will still keep some water on it after you are done shaving, and it will make the razor go dusty faster. Moreover, shaving with the remaining hair on the blades not only pulls your hair but also hurts your skin. 

Apply Lubricant to Your Razor Blade After Shaving

When the razor is clean and dry, it is advisable to take a further step to apply some oil on it to maintain the quality of the blade. 

Get Yourself a New Razor If the Current One Cannot Work Well 

If you try everything and your razor still cannot work properly, chances are it is broken or in bad condition. Sometimes, you can do nothing about it, and you have to buy a new one instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Properly Clean My Electric Razor?

After shaving, try to remove the hair sticking in the razor top first and clean the razor with some water. Next, you can easily clean your electricity razors with hand sanitizer or soap. 

While cleaning, you should rub the moving parts of the electric razor to saturate the shaving oil, grease, and debris. When you are done, wash it with water again. 

Some electric razors can only be deep clean by soaking with water. In this case, you need to take the razor head from the razor and leave it in water for around five minutes or so. 

It is also crucial to be careful and not let water enter the electric parts of the razor. 

Are There Health Risks Coming from Razors Pulling My Hair?

In general, a razor will not bring you serious health issues only by pulling your hair, but there are still some small issues to pay attention to. 

If you keep shaving with a dull or broken razor, you might have further problems if the blades cut your skin. When they cut your skin, you might bleed, have irritation, or have some infection. 

Ingrown hair can also be caused by razors cutting hair, especially when your razor has more than one blade. While shaving, the first blade that touches the hair will be the one that pulls your hair, and when the next blade moves forward, it will cut your hair. 

The first blade has already pulled the hair, and the second blade will cut under your skin surface. This cutting process will make the hair grow back inside and cause ingrown hair problems. 

On the other hand, sometimes, a dusty and dirty razor can also cause skin issues and irritation. 

Can Beard Oil Be Used As Electric Razor Oil?

Oiling your razor can help reduce the chances of it pulling your hair, but do not use beard oil when you run out of electric razor oil because of safety concerns. 

Beard oil and razor oil are made of different ingredients as beard oil has ingredients that can ignite when it reaches a high temperature. 

When an electric razor is working, the moving parts move fast, getting hotter. So, the temperature from the razor might ignite if you use beard oil. 

For these reasons, the best thing to do to avoid accidentally burning your hair is to get a new bottle of electric razor oil. If you want a quick alternative, light oil like cooking oil can help. 


If you have experienced the uncomfortable feeling of your hair being pulled by razors, we hope this blog can give you the answer to the question, “why does my razor pull my hair.” 

With the many guides and tips we provided, you can now confidently check if your razor is in great condition and prepare your shaved area well enough for the next shaving time. We believe that if you follow these tips, your hair will be much less likely to be pulled. 

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