Gillette Proglide Vs Proshield: Which Is Better For You? 

Gillette Proglide vs. Proshield, which should you get? Use this detailed comparison article that looks at the products side by side to make your final call! 

Shopping for razors can be tricky, especially when you are weighing between two seemingly “same same but different” products from a single brand, like Gillette Proglide vs Proshield.

Thankfully, as with other products, investing time and effort into researching and reading reviews can help you make an informed decision.

Understanding this, we have put together a detailed comparison article on the two razor contenders for your reference. Continue reading to make your final call!

Gillette Proglide & Proshield: An Overview

The Proglide and Proshield are razors among the same lineup in Gillette—a renowned American brand for male grooming products.

Gillette is a huge player in the health and personal care sector, not only in the U.S but also worldwide. By this token, today, Gillette products can be found all across the planet, from the United States to India.

Proglide and Proshield are both parts of Gillette’s 5-blade razor collection, primarily used by men for shaving and styling facial hair.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

However, these two razor models specifically cater to different niches of customers.

  • The Gillette Proglide, as suggested in the name, is for users who want a seamless shaving experience with “gliding” hand motions.
  • On the other hand, the Gillette Proshield is dedicated to those whose primary concern is safe shaving. Examples of the latter are first-time users or users with sensitive skin.

As a result of catering to different consumers, the two razors also possess subtle differences in terms of design, features, functionality, and price. Read on to find out more!

Proglide Vs Proshield: A Detailed Comparison

Proglide Proshield
  • Blue
  • Heavier
  • Yellow
  • Lighter
  • FlexBall Technology
  • Microfins
  • Precision Trimmer
  • Comfort Guard
  • Enhanced Lubastrip
  • FlexBall Technology
  • Microfins
  • Precision Trimmer
  • Comfort Guard
  • Dual Lubrication
  • Anti-friction blades
  • Seamless shaving
  • Anti-friction blades
  • Safer shaving
Price More affordable More expensive


Concerning design, the first noticeable difference between the two razor options is color.

The Proglide sports a sea blue while the Proshield is yellow. If labels and names confuse you, then it is a good idea to distinguish them by color. 

Gillette Proglide Vs Proshield
The Proshield is Blue while the Proglide is Yellow

Another design criterion that you can look at is weight. According to detailed specs, the Proglide is 1.1 ounces, while the Proshield is a little less than an ounce.

As such, the Proshield is lighter to handle. It is easier on the hands, especially in the early mornings. 

However, depending on your personal preference, the heavier Proglide may be more suitable for offering better pressure balance. 


Both the Proglide and Proshield have the brand’s exclusive FlexBall technology, which optimizes maneuverability for users to make the most out of their razors. Thanks to this technology, the razor can contour to every users’ face. 

Essentially, this is a flexible handle that makes it more comfortable and convenient for users when running the razor across the skin to shave or style. In addition, the razors can pivot left or right for any motion to be completely smooth.

In addition to the FlexBall Technology, the Proglide and Proshield include micro-fins, also known as the micro-comb, which straighten hair before making cuts. This helps stretch the skin for a close and thorough shave. 

On top of that, the razors include a precision trimmer dedicated to hard-to-reach places, like the chin and nose, on any users’ face. With this, you do not have to worry about leaving certain patches of hair unattended. 

There is also a comfort guard that helps users clean up any excess during the shaving process from A to Z. This, in turn, guarantees a superior user experience.

The Proglide delivers a seamless shaving experience
The Proglide delivers a seamless shaving experience

Up until now, the two razor options share all the same features. But next up, we will move on to where they differ: lubrication

The Gillette Proglide razor model boasts an improved Lubrastrip with added lubricants on the head component to instill the much-needed gliding action across users’ faces and skin. 

In detail, there are mineral oils and glycerin to moisturize as well as minimize irritations or burns. Thanks to this special feature, shaving is safe and stress-free. The new Lubrastrip also lasts longer. 

On the other hand, the Proshield offers double lubrication for optimal user satisfaction. There is a unique dual lubrication system before and after the blades to upgrade the razors’ capability of “shielding” the skin from scrapes and cuts. 

With Proshield, you can safely and smoothly shave without worrying about any pulling, picking, or scraping against the skin. This is an essential feature for first-time shavers whose hands still shake when maneuvering the razor.

It is also helpful for users with ultra-sensitive skin. If you are part of either group, carefully consider this aspect. 

The Proshield is best for first-time users and users with sensitive skin
The Proshield is best for first-time users and users with sensitive skin


Both razor models feature five anti-friction blades that ensure users’ comfort and convenience.

The anti-friction quality is accompanied by unmatched sharpness and thinnest, making these razors’ shaving experience top-tiered. You can rest assured that either razor will get the job done. 

Additionally, they both carry versatile cartridges that can pair with any other Gillette handles. You even have the option to use it with electric motor handles, if that is what you are accustomed to. 

The cartridges’ compatibility makes shaving not only convenient but also cost-effective. You can use the same razor for multiple handles instead of buying a new razor each time you want to switch. 

The lifespan of both razors is 1 month. So, they are relatively durable and long-lasting. You just need to buy refills and replace the razor once or twice every year. Hence, in this regard, the Gillette Proglide and Proshield are equally quality products.

All in all, the razors save you time, effort, and money; what more can you ask for, right?


The Proshield was introduced after the Proglide. Thus, it is deemed the newer choice among the two. That being said, Proshield is a bit more expensive than the Gillette Proglide

Even so, as we have seen, the higher price is not without good reasons. The Proshield includes an enhanced dual lubrication system for a guaranteed safe and seamless shaving experience. 

Nevertheless, the difference in price between the two is not too drastic. Therefore, both razor models are still generally affordable for users of all income ranges. 

The Verdict: Which Razor Is Better?

Now that we have looked at all the different aspects of both razors, let’s make our final judgments. To recap:

The Gillette Proglide:

  • Better for users who want a seamless and stress-free shaving experience—smoothness from start to finish! 
  • Better for users who are on a budget and want the more affordable of the two while still getting a quality shaving experience. 

The Gillette Proshield:

  • Better for users who want to have a safe and secure shaving experience—no cuts or scratches! 
  • Better for users who are looking for added lubrication to keep their shaved skin moisturized and hydrated.

Both the Gillette Proglide and Proshield are high-quality razors designed and manufactured by a world-class brand. Gillette is 120 years old, but it is still going strong. 

Thus, you can rest assured that the razors are up to par, offering maximum user satisfaction. However, the better razor is the one that suits you. So, think about your needs and consider yourself carefully to make the final call. 

The Proglide is for optimal shaving and the Proshield is for safety
The Proglide is for optimal shaving and the Proshield is for safety


With the detailed information given above, we hope you have found the right razor for you. If you are someone with sensitive skin but are still looking for a sharp blade with optimal moisture, Gillette Fusion ProShield with ultimate protection is for you. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide will be the right choice for those with coarser beards with optimization blade and lubrication, promising a closer and cleaner shave for users.

Finally, if you have any follow-up questions or thoughts on this topic, let us know in the comments as well!

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