Gillette Guard 3 vs. Mach3: Which One Deserves To Be The Winner?

In addition to your shaving ability, one of the final deciding elements in determining whether your shaving experience is excellent or not is the razor itself.

In the razors industry, the name Gillette is extremely famous thanks to its wide range of high-quality products. It is well-known as an American brand of personal care products and safety razors, such as shaving supplies, that was founded in 1901 and is controlled by Procter & Gamble, a multinational company.

The Guard 3 and Mach3 razors are two of the most prominent products of this brand. As a result, deciding between these two can be challenging since they are both amazingly excellent.

Let’s compare Gillette Guard 3 vs. Mach3 to know which one provides the best value for your money.

Introduction To Gillette Guard 3 vs. Mach3  

Gillette Guard 3

Gillette Guard 3 is among the best sellers of the Gillette brand. Indeed, there are reasons behind the success of this product.

First, it comes with three blades invented to provide a closer shaving experience, eliminating the need to shave twice. Furthermore, spring-loaded blades react to skin variants and hand force, assisting in the protection of your skin from discomfort, scratch, and cutbacks.

Second, it includes a water-activated lubra strip, which releases lubricating components to minimize friction between your skin and the blades, thereby protecting it from irritation.

In addition, the ergonomic soft-grip handle guarantees that you will have a strong grip on the razor and make the most out of your trim. A bending head moving with the face also provides maximum reach and convenience.

Another outstanding feature of the Gillette Guard 3 is that the blades and cartridges are specifically designed to be convenient for easy rinsing. So it will save you a lot of effort to rinse it.


  • Three blades for a closer shave
  • Blades on spring
  • A water-activated lubra strip
  • Safe to use
  • Easy rinsing


  • Its head is not very durable and occasionally loses its grip on the blade.

Gillette Mach3

The Mach3 is the most affordable model in the Gillette Mach 3 line; however, it doesn’t imply it is lacking in attributes.

The first reason we love this razor’s design. The Mach3’s design has maintained well despite being developed a few decades ago. Although it is straightforward, it accomplishes the task at hand without a plethora of frills.

Noticeably, on average, one blade can last for approximately 15 sessions. So, Gillette Mach 3 is definitely an ideal choice for those who want to have a durable razor.

Additionally, the materials of Mach3 blades are more sturdy than steel as well as provide excellent hair traction. Similarly, the DuraComfort edges get a more strong grip on your hair.

Next, the lube band comes with a lubricating effect, which helps the razor adhere to your skin and reduces redness and irritation.

Finally, the micro fin skin guard works as a robust base, extending and getting ready your skin for grooming, enabling it to smoothly move through the hair and reveal many strands before you finish the sweep.


  • Intuitive design
  • Sturdy
  • Material of high-quality
  • Excellent skin protector and lube band for micro fins


  • The blades do not have an anti-traction feature.

The Similarities Between Gillette Guard 3 vs. Mach3

Three blades for a close shave

A simple mechanism operates the three razors coming with the two Gillette models. The first razor may offer an outstanding cut by lifting the hair and cutting the surface. Once your hair is lifted, the following two razor blades can go in and remove all the hair tresses.

Furthermore, all three blades are also spring-mounted, enabling the units to adapt to skin distinctions quickly. The uncomplicated look may aid in ensuring that your hair is curled equitably.

Because of the areas between the edges, both razors are less likely to become congested with bubbles, making them easy to rinse.

A lubricating strip is present

Consider a squeaky piece of chalk on a blackboard. The dry one stutters and leaps against the blackboard’s surface. Its mark appears smooth, but it is not because it has a hard texture, which is due to friction or an absence of lubricant.

Think of chalk pens using a fluid. Writing on a blackboard using a chalk pen enables you to move over its surface and make a sharp and smooth line.

The distinction is that there is less friction. The friction has been lowered due to the pen’s lubrication. Regarding  shaving, moving smoothly over a curved surface is a major challenge. The blades would then glide more smoothly if both the cartridge and the skin are lubricated.

In addition, lubrication strips are made of a hydrophilic polymer that activates when it comes into contact with water, forming a lubricant that improves shave smoothness. Also, Gillette’s lubricating strips comprise Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Come with a pivot table head

The razor head of both Gillette Guard 3 and Mach 3 are both pivot tables. The head can move with your face, which is advantageous because it can adjust itself to the angles of the face for a cleaner shave.

Also, it is a significant improvement over the traditional fixed-head razor, which is hard to shave at every angle on your face.

Both Gillette Guard 3 and Mach3 come with a pivot table razor head.
Both Gillette Guard 3 and Mach3 come with a pivot table razor head.

The Dissimilarities Between Gillette Guard 3 vs. Mach3

Cartridges structure

Although both Gillette razors have a lubricating strip, they are different.

Mach3 has a long-lasting lubrication strip for lubrication and a microfin skin guard to stretch the skin and lift the beard for a smooth shave.

On the other hand, the Guard 3 only has a lubrastrip for lubrication.

To conclude, the Gillette Mach3 is better than the Guard 3 in this aspect.

Handle support

In terms of handle support, the Gillette has an elastomer handle that provides a good grip while shaving, making it less likely to slip out of your hand and break. The elastomer handle can also absorb vibrations from the blades, making shaving easier on your hands when you are shaving.

The Mach3, on the other hand, has an ergonomic design handle together with a rubber grip, offering power while maintaining a stylish look for a quicker and more accurate shave. In addition, it assists in keeping the razor from falling out of your hands.

In short, these two razors have different handle support, so it is hard to assess which one is better. Above all, they are all good at keeping the razor from slipping out of your hand.


Despite the fact that all razors of Gillette are safe to use, it appears that the Guard3 is safer than the Mach3 because it has a safety comb.

Even though the comb head’s teeth disclose more razor blades, they also enable far more razor lather to penetrate the cutting part to moisten and keep your skin.

One advantage of the razor with a safety comb is that it can trim closer, requiring fewer strokes across the face to achieve a close shave. Fewer passes result in fewer itchiness cuts or nicks to your skin, so you will not get any undesired cutbacks or scratches.

As a result, the Gillette Guard 3 is a more excellent razor to use than the Mach3 if you want to get the task done without having to worry about any damage to your skin.


Many people will struggle to clean their razors because some are difficult to rinse. However, with the two Gillette razors, rinsing your razor is a breeze.

There is enough space between each blade for Mach3. As a result, it hardly clogs and washes very conveniently.

Even better, the Guard3 has an open blade mechanism, which saves you a lot of time and effort when cleaning it. After shaving, simply rinse the blades with water rather than wiping them.

To conclude, both are easy to rinse but the Gillette Guard3 seems to be better.

Cleaning a Mach3 is not as easy as a Guard 3 because it does not come with an open blade system. 
Cleaning a Mach3 is not as easy as a Guard 3 because it does not come with an open blade system.


Gillette Guard 3 men’s razors have three blades that remain sharper for extended periods. It is designed to last 7 pleasant shaves using 3 blades, comb guard, and lubrastrip.

Unlike it, the Gillette Mach 3 razor blades provide a consistent Gillette shave with precision and convenience. Each razor blade fill-up is designed to provide up to 15 pleasant shaves, allowing you to make the most of each trim.

In summary, the Gillette Mach3 lasts longer than the Guard 3.

Gillette Guard 3 Vs. Mach3: Which One Is Worth Your Purchase?

We have by now gone through the commonalities and contrasts between two of Gillette’s best-selling razors: the Guard 3 and the Mach3. Because these two belong to two different Gillette lines, determining which one is superior is difficult.

Both two razors of the Gillette brand are great.
Both two razors of the Gillette brand are great.

However, based on the same criteria, we can see that the Gillette Guard 3 outperforms the Mach3 in terms of lubricating strips, safety, and cleaning.

Despite that, it does not imply that Mach3 is not excellent.  It still provides good hand support and lasts longer than the Guard 3.

Gillette Guard 3 is ideal for those who want to avoid nicks and cuts as much as possible, especially newcomers or those with sensitive skin. Mach 3, on the other hand, is a great choice for individuals who need to start from scratch at a cheaper price.

Having said that, you can be puzzled as to which razor to buy. We have compared the two in-depth above, and it is sincerely a battle of the best. Now, it’s time to go over again.

Aspects Guard 3 Mach3
Catridges structure Lubrication strip for lubrication and a microfin skin guard Lubrication strip for lubrication
Handle support Has an elastomer handle Has an ergonomic design handle together with a rubber grip
Safety Safe due to the safety comb Less safe
Cleaning Easy to clean with open blade system There is enough space between each blade to be washed conveniently
Durability Can last for 7 shaves Can last for 15 shaves

Final Thoughts

That is all our in-depth comparison of the Gillette Guard 3 vs. Mach3. We are confident that by now, you can quickly figure out the similarities and dissimilarities between these two excellent razors of the Gillette brand.

Based on the given information, we hope that you will find it easier to make your decision about getting one. Whatever you purchase, both razors are great, and they will not disappoint you if you try to use them once.

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