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DE Blade Multipack

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Product Description

Beginners to double edge (DE) wet shaving may discover that a particular brand of razor blades may work better than another. Some blades are fast; some are slower. Some are preferred for thick hair; some are best for thin hair. How can you determine which is best for you? It's easy with Lee's DE Blade Multipack.

Set includes 40 blades from 4 of the world's leading manufacturers:

  • 10 Astra
  • 10 Red Personna
  • 10 Derby
  • 10 Feather

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Product Reviews

  1. Nice to have a choice, but save time and go straight to Feathers!

    Posted by Greg on 28th Feb 2011

    As a first time saftey razor user, with a fairly heavy beard, I thought getting the multi-pack along with my new 38C was a good choice. And, the Personna was relatively forgiving for my first shave. Based on the reviews, I saved the Feather for last, since everyone said they were ultra sharp. Well, I finally got to test them, and WOW, the smoothest blade of the group by a mile for me. I would gladly trade 2 of every other blade for one Feather! I actually gave away my Derbys, they were not good for me at all. Don't let the reviews scare you, they are smooth and very sharp, I barely glide the blade across my face and becasue of this, have fewer nicks than with the other blades. Overall an interesting experiment, though!

  2. Essential when starting out

    Posted by Lisa on 25th Oct 2009

    This review is intended to be helpful to women learning how to shave their legs with a safety razor.

    If you haven't used a safety razor in the past, consider starting in the fall/winter when you can spread out your learning over several shaves. It's taken me a month to go through blades & techniques. I've given up several times in frustration, midway through a shave. There's a LOT more real estate on a leg than the face! The guides are not exaggerating about it taking time to get comfortable with the difference. A razor is a tool, and a safety razor definitely works differently than a cartridge razor.

    It is well worth working through all the blade brands in this pack to figure out which works the best on your hair. For the record, my legs have thick/coarse hair, while my thighs have baby-fine hair.

    The Merkur blade worked just as if I'd tried to shave by scraping my leg with a piece of wood. I thought if a blade was sharp, then it should cut hair. NO. I called the store in frustration and was set right.

    With the Persona blade, I learned that scraping the skin with the blade does not cut the hair. The guys all write about a 30-degree angle for cutting ... on a leg you need maybe a 5 or 10-degree angle. Almost straight up on the razor top. Actually if you follow the shape of the razor top, you'll be almost exactly where you need to be.

    The Derby allowed me to perfect my underarm technique. But ... there was that one spot on the shin bone that *would not* cut, no matter what angle I went at it. And I felt like I needed to shave every couple of days. Shaving the thigh is a bit tricky because you cannot really get the skin tight. I found my fine hair is difficult to see, also. Finally, the Derby taught me that yes, shaving cream is better than soap.

    For me, the Feather left me feeling like I'd finally had my first REAL shave. I had hair to clean out of the tub! The spot on my shin: bare. And that nice smooth sensation afterward. As for the danger of cuts from the Feather, I haven't noticed. Maybe the time I spent practicing with the other blades made a difference.

  3. Blade Review...

    Posted by Eugene - San Francisco, Ca. on 25th Jun 2009

    I think this "test pack" is a GREAT choice. I highly recommend it. How else are you to try blades side by side and make a determination as to which is "best" for you. - Thanks Lee!

    I am Asian so my facial hair is evenly spaced and medium-coarse to light. I could shave everyday, but really I only need every other day. That said I have used all four blades in my pseudo-scientific method.

    Three Merkurs, three Derbys, three Personnas and three Feathers.

    I will rate on 4 criteria: 1) Harshness of Blade, 2) Closeness of Shave, 3) Smoothness of Shave, and 4) Blade Longevity (how many shaves per blade).

    Harshness - 5, very harsh
    Closeness - 4, close
    Smoothness - 3, average
    Longevity - 4-5 shaves

    Harshness - 5, very harsh
    Closeness - 2, not very close
    Smoothness - 2, not very smooth
    Longevity - 3-4 shaves

    Harshness - 5, very harsh
    Closeness - 5, very close
    Smoothness - 3, average smoothness
    Longevity - 6+ shaves

    Harshness - 2, not harsh
    Closeness - 5, very close
    Smoothness - 5, very smooth
    Longevity - 5-6 shaves

    In my humble opinion, Feathers, Merkurs and Derbys are for chaps that have a true 5 o' clock shadow and then some. For me, the Personna's are my top pic - ultra smooth, close and lasts 5-6 shaves per blade. (not to mention the least expensive of the bunch)

    I have put an order in for a couple more boxes of Personna's and a couple of Bics -- I'll let you know what I think.

    happy shaving.

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