The 10 Best Butt Shavers in 2023 – A Detailed Review

When it comes to manscaping, most people only pay attention to the pubic area, including the shaft hair and hairs around the balls. But do you know that your butt hair also needs to be taken care of?

Butt shaving has been normalized within the past few years for both health and aesthetic purposes. However, getting it done properly can be tricky, considering how the body part is positioned.

If you intend on shaving your ass, why not use the best butt shaver as reviewed in the article below? Trust me, you will be surprised how adept at butt hair removal such a tool can be!

Should You Shave Off Your Butt Hair?

Shaving off your butt hair is a common practice for men in modern days
Shaving off your butt hair is a common practice for men in modern days

Whether or not to shave off your butt hair depends entirely on your preferences. That being said, you should at least keep it under control by frequent trimming. 

Long ass hair can be uncomfortable, especially when you wear tight underwear. Furthermore, having lots of hair within your ass cheeks can cause sweat to accumulate, making you feel damp and moist all the time. 

Removing unwanted hair on your ass can be a liberating experience, as it gives you much-needed comfort in the most private parts.

What To Look For When Buying A Butt Shaver

If you want to purchase the best butt shaver, it is important to look out for these factors.

Build quality

The sturdiness of your butt shaver should always be your top priority. If the tool is made from flimsy materials, you will struggle to grip it properly. As a result, you might end up hurting yourself when the shaver falls from your hands. 

Look for products that are well built and offer a solid feel, even if it means spending a few extra bucks. Rest assured that this extra amount of money means you will not have to replace your shaver for a long time, so it is still an economical choice.


If the shaver is too weak, you cannot possibly get rid of all butt hair. On the other hand, too powerful motors increase the risk of getting cuts and nicks. You will have to find a butt shaver that provides multiple levels of power, giving you the flexibility to adjust it to your needs. 

Another small detail to pay attention to is the noise. Usually, the more powerful a shaver is, the more noise it emits. If you are not a fan of having your ears blasted, look for quiet motors.  

Cordless function

While this feature is not a must-have, using cordless shavers is much more convenient than using corded ones. Given that you have to press the shaver against your butt, you would not want the cord to get in the way. 


A reliable hair trimmer must be able to work with both dry and wet shaving.

There are times when you dry shave your butt hair, but there are also times when you decide to trim it in the bathroom. Having a dual machine at your disposal gives you more choices regarding your manscaping routine.

Blade quality

If the blades on your butt shaver are too sharp, they may peel off the top layers of your skin and cause irritations. At the same time, dull blades mean you cannot get rid of your hair fast and decisively enough. 

The trick here is to find a set of blades that offer just the right level of sharpness for direct contact on your sensitive skin. Check for both their sharpness and their self-sharpening ability if possible. 

Best Butt Shaver – Detailed Reviews

CLEANCUT Shaver – Best For Design

General information

  • Designed specifically for shaving private areas.
  • C-cell battery required.
  • Can be used for both men and women.

If you are looking for a reasonable butt shaver to kick off your ass grooming habit, I highly recommend that you have a look at CLEANCUT.

Self-labeled as the best personal shaver, CLEANCUT offers solid Japanese build quality, with the interior rotating blade assembly placed neatly inside a slotted foil. 

Given the Ultra Fine Comb Style Cutting head, CLEANCUT allows users to remove their butt hair as close to the skin as possible, but not at the expense of comfort and convenience. Rest assured that you will not feel any cuts or nicks as long as you keep your hands steady.

Furthermore, CLEANCUT shaver employs a cylindrical shape, which varies significantly from other models. Its design provides customers with a strong grip, preventing any slipping in the bathroom.

And do not forget about its portability! Feel free to pack this tiny machine inside your bag, as its small size creates no hassle for moving.

That being said, CLEANCUT shaver only works when you wet shave. And for the tool to achieve the best result, you are required to trim longer hair first. If you are looking for a quick grooming session, then you might be let down. 


  • Japanese quality.
  • Ultra Fine Comb Style Cutting head. 
  • Cylindrical shape for ease of use and portability.


  • Not compatible with dry shaving.
  • No trimmer included. 

Philips Norelco 1100 – Best For Budget

General information

  • Showerproof design.
  • Battery included.
  • Both trimming comb and shaving comb are available.

When it comes to shaving tools, nothing beats the good old Philips. And mind you, there is more to this company than highly expensive products. Don’t believe me? Let’s check out the Norelco 1100 model from Philips and see how effective it is.

Philips Norelco 1100 caught my attention with a blue shower cord placed at the end of the tool. It seems like a mundane detail, but such an addition makes storage in the bathroom much easier. 

No longer do you have to place your shaver precariously on the shelf, worrying that it falls off. All you have to do now is to place the shaver on a hook and voila!

As far as performance is concerned, Norelco 1100 comes with a dual directional trimming comb already integrated in the head. Feel free to get rid of the stubble in your butt right away. In case you need to trim longer hair first, put in the 1/8’’ comb for a quicker cut. How versatile, right?

But these are not the best things about the product. With such impressive cutting efficiency and ease of use, Norelco 1100 only costs no more than $20. Compared to other expensive counterparts, this price tag is something to desire!

Unfortunately, the shaver does have its flaws. The blades can be slow and not so powerful sometimes, which takes up quite a lot of time and effort in the bathroom. You might have to spend minutes taking care of your butt hair with this shaver. 


  • Highly economical.
  • Dual directional trimming comb and trimmer are included.
  • Shower cord and battery are included.


  • Not very powerful.

Philips Norelco 3500 – Best For Long Attachment

General information

  • Rounded tips for smoother contact.
  • Ergonomic rubber grip.
  • Detachable blade cartridge.
  • Long attachment available. 

For those of you who wish to look for an update from the cheap Norelco 1100, the Norelco 3500 will suffice. Reasonably priced and sufficient for shaving butt hair are the two adjectives I would use to describe this tool. 

At first glance, the machine amazes me with its extra-long back attachment. By providing a way to extend its body length, Norelco 3500 enables you to shave even the hardest-to-reach areas, including your ass.

And have I mentioned its rounded tips at the head? 

Philips prides itself on the innovative design of the shaver head, including the bi-directional trim guards with three length options and rounded tips to minimize discomfort. No more worries about having razor bumps or redness on your skin after a rigorous shaving session. 

Even better, Norelco 3500 comes with an advanced lithium-ion battery. A full charge can give you up to 60 minutes of shaving uninterrupted, meaning you only have to recharge no more than once per week. 

But be aware, since this product is not perfect. Some customers have complained that moving the shaver too fast will reduce the smoothness of each pass.

Hence, if you want to get rid of your butt hair completely, you will need to take each movement slow and controlled. 


  • Extra-long back attachment for easier grooming.
  • Innovative head design.
  • Powerful battery.


  • Needs to be used slowly for best results.

Panasonic Trimmer – Best For Build Quality

General information

  • Skin Protective Blade Technology to minimize cuts and nicks.
  • Exquisite design for a strong grip.
  • 3 trimming lengths were included. 
  • Cordless function.

Are you interested in having a sleek shaver that not only works effectively but also looks the part? If yes, you cannot go wrong with the body trimmer from Panasonic.

This machine stands out with its L-shaped body and V-shaped head, which creates an unprecedented design. Built entirely from stainless steel, the butt shaver manages to stay firm and solid even if dropped or slipped on the floor.

Another noticeable attribute of the Panasonic hair trimmer is its Skin Protective Blade Technology, which minimizes the chances of tugging and pulling hair. Each slide across your butt hair will result in a smooth surface, sparing you the discomfort of having razor bumps or irritations.

What is more, each package of this trimmer comes with three different attachments. Feel free to replace one with another if you happen to come across longer or shorter hair. All your body parts, especially the private ones, can benefit from such a useful feature.

Nevertheless, it can be off-putting to learn that this tool is high maintenance. After each use, you have been instructed to oil at least 5 places before putting it away for storage. 


  • Solid build quality.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Different trimming lengths are included.


  • High maintenance. 

Manscaped Refining The Gentleman Trimmer – Best For Package

General information

  • Travel and storage bag included.
  • Designed specifically for below-the-waist trimming.
  • Several accessories are available.

Who says that a butt shaver cannot be a suitable gift for your beloved men?

Manscaped Refining The Gentleman introduces a comprehensive package for grooming enthusiasts, with the inclusion of the Lawn Mower 3.0 pubic hair trimmer, a weed whacker, and a safety razor called Plow 2.0, and a 4-piece nail kit.

But first, let’s have a look at the main star, also known as the Lawn Mower 3.0.

In my opinion, the most outstanding feature of this hair trimmer is its ceramic blades. Instead of using stainless steel like other competitors, Manscaped Refining The Gentleman believes ceramic makes for better material, providing a softer yet still sturdy glide across your butt hair. 

The incorporated SkinSafe technology means you are free from skin redness, irritations, and razor burns, even when you use it on your junk area.

Lawn Mower 3.0 is also cordless and waterproof, making it a perfect addition to your bathroom shelf. The blinking light positioned on the body will alert you whenever the product is ready to work.

As for the accessories, the manufacturers include a weed whacker for the nose and ear hair trimmer, which rotates 360 degrees for the closest cut. The safety razor included can be used for handling facial and body hair. 

Last but not least, the 4-piece nail kit gives you a quick solution to take care of your nails, so that you can always have refined and clean hands.

As this package includes multiple options besides a mere hair trimmer, its cost can be a problem for the average user. With a price tag of nearly $150, not everyone can afford and enjoy the luxury of Lawn Mower 3.0.


  • Ceramic blades to reduce skin problems.
  • Cordless and waterproof design.
  • Comes with multiple tools for a full grooming routine.


  • Expensive for most people.

Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro – Best For Professional Use

General information

  • Lithium-ion battery with up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted shaving.
  • Cordless and rechargeable. 
  • Charging dock can be used for storage as well.
  • 12 different lengths setting.

Another item from Philips that deserves a spot on the list of best butt shavers is the Norelco Oneblade Pro. So, what are the most attractive features of this product? For me, it is the charging dock, the 12-length comb, and the long-lasting battery.

First off, Norelco Oneblade Pro is rechargeable through a compact charging dock, which also acts as a trimmer holder. All you have to do is to simply place the machine on top of it, then let the dock do its work. 

If you are constantly worried about your trimmer falling off when putting it on the shelf, this dock will solve the problem!

Secondly, the hair trimmer features 12 different lengths, all included in one single comb. There is a dial allowing you to adjust the length to your needs, so you do not have to replace one blade with another when switching among shaving areas. How convenient, right?

Thirdly, once fully charged, Norelco Oneblade Pro can be functional for up to 90 minutes. If you are not that much of a frequent groomer, you might only have to charge your tool once or twice a month!

However, using this butt shaver requires some experience under the belt. If you are a beginner, you might have a hard time navigating these features. 


  • Compact charging dock.
  • Impressive running time.
  • 12 lengths all included in one comb.


  • Works best for professional groomers only.

Braun Series MGK3060 – Best For Versatility

General information

  • Four head combs are included with 13 different lengths.
  • Running time of up to 60 minutes.
  • A basic razor is provided. 
  • Can be used for various purposes.

If you are buying a hair trimmer simply for shaving off your hair ass, you are missing out on a lot of things! I suggest that you try out this machine from Braun, labeled Series MGK3060. 

Not only does it work wonders for your private parts, but it can also be used for multiple purposes. 

Series MGK3060 prides itself on the 4 head combs, with 13 length options for you to adjust. Ranging from 0.5 to 21mm, this trimmer enables you to handle all types of hair, such as facial hair, chest hair, and of course, butt hair. 

And the best part? The manufacturers also put in a tiny trimmer to take care of your nose and ear. Imagine being able to deal with your entire body hair using one machine only!

Moreover, this product is fully waterproof and can function for up to 60 minutes in a row. Feel free to spend some quality time under the shower to handle your body hair without any risk of ruining the trimmer.

Also, have I mentioned that each Series MGK3060 package gives you an additional Gillette Fusion Proglide razor? Anyone who enjoys a manual shaving experience will be delighted by this bonus.

Still, charging this butt shaver calls for 8 hours at least. Since Braun does not offer a quick charging solution, you may find it to be quite time-consuming.


  • Various combs for multiple shaving purposes.
  • Waterproof and cordless function.
  • An additional razor is provided.


  • Long charging time.

Hatteker Trimmer – Best For Durability

General information

  • 5 attachments and 6 combs are included.
  • Highly precise blades for a close shave. 
  • Washable and non-corrosive blades and guards. 
  • LED indicator is available.

One of the problems frequently encountered by groomers is rusty and dull blades, especially when you are a fan of wet shaving. But worry not, since Hatteker trimmer is on the way to the rescue! So, what is it about this product that makes it so charming?

At first glance, I was impressed with the sheer number of attachments and combs available in each package.

You will find 5 attachments for trimming beard, body hair and ear hair, as well as 6 hair trimmer combs in different lengths. They allow you to fix up your body hair effortlessly, all from the comfort of one single product.

Furthermore, the blades included are non-corrosive and washable, making them highly resistant. No longer do you have to throw away the blades after using them a few times. Given how durable Hatteker’s blades are, you are bound to enjoy their performance for quite some time. 

Another detail that I find particularly helpful is the LED indicator. The digits give you a quick idea regarding how much battery is left, which means you can avoid having the trimmer shut down during usage.

While Hatteker is a compelling purchase, its power still leaves room for improvement. The motor could have been stronger, which could have saved lots of time and effort for groomers.


  • 11 attachments and combs for lots of shaving purposes.
  • Durable blades.
  • Low maintenance.
  • LED indicator included.


  • Not very powerful.

Philips Norelco Multigroomer – Best Reviews

General information

  • All-in-1 design for various shaving purposes.
  • 23 attachments included.
  • Self-sharpening and long-lasting blade. 

With more than 47300 reviews on Amazon, the Norelco Multigroomer from Philips is indeed intriguing. If you trust the decision of these past buyers, then you will be in for a treat regarding why the product remains their favorite. 

To me, the most astonishing attribute of Norelco Multigroomer is its attachments. 23 pieces of combs from various lengths are included, which means you can use them virtually on any part of your body.

Whether it is your butt hair, your pubic hair, your leg hair, or your beard,  Norelco Multigroomer can get rid of them all.

As far as the blades are concerned, Philips employs self-sharpening technology, which extends the lifespan of your blades up to 5 years. The machine also comes with DualCut technology, so each pass is done with a high level of precision. How wonderful, right?

What about the battery? Norelco Multigroomer incorporates a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a running time of 5 hours. Say goodbye to low batteries and enjoy the tremendous lifespan brought about by this machine!

But still, some customers have expressed their disappointment towards the build quality. Norelco Multigroomer does feel flimsy and cannot offer a solid grip, which can be a problem if you want something sturdy to hold on to.


  • 23 attachments.
  • High-quality, long-lasting blades.
  • Running time of up to 5 hours.


  • Unreliable build quality.

Philips Norelco 7000 – Best Overall 

General information

  • Cordless and waterproof.
  • Unique two-sided design to handle body hair in different areas.
  • 5 different lengths available.
  • Running time of up to 80 minutes.

Now, it is time to unravel the star of today’s list. Personally speaking, Norelco 7000 body trimmer is the best product overall thanks to the following reasons. 

It is reasonably priced, it works wonders not only on your butt hair but also on other body parts, its ergonomic design offers a solid hold, and it is quick to charge. Compared to other competitors, Norelco 7000 definitely surpasses them in terms of cost, functionality, and ease of usage.

Let’s have a closer look at this product. Instead of having one trimming head like most machines, Norelco 7000 employs a dual design. Feel free to pick a head that you find most comfortable with, then put in the adjustable trimming comb for a smooth shaving session. 

That is not to mention the rounded tips at the end of each blade. With this design, you are far from getting your skin peeled off or irritated. 

Regarding the build quality, Norelco 7000 is made from a combination of stainless steel and rubber.

Rest assured that you can hold the trimmer comfortably while gliding it across your butt hair. Since it is also waterproof, you can shave off the hair under the shower and rinse the blades for a quick clean-up. 

Last but not least, the battery of this tool is also worth mentioning. Each full charge gives you up to 80 minutes of running time, and it does not need more than an hour for a recharge. Talking about being quick and efficient!

Nevertheless, even Norelco 7000 is not without flaws. The blades on this trimmer get dull after being used three or four times only, so you have to replace them rather frequently.


  • Dual design with two trimming heads.
  • 5 different lengths.
  • Cordless and waterproof.
  • Quick charging time and 80 minutes of running time.


  • Blades get dull quickly. 

How To Shave Your Butt

  • Step 1: Wash your butt using warm water and mild soap. Warm water helps to open the pores and makes hair removal much easier. Mild soap can get rid of bacteria and keep your private areas thoroughly clean.
  • Step 2: Dry your butt using a towel. Make sure to remove any excess moisture so that the hair can be trimmed effortlessly.
  • Step 3: Use a trimmer to get rid of longer hair. This reduces the workload for your shaver, as it only has to deal with stubble. It also minimizes the chance of getting your skin cut, as the long hair might get pulled violently.
  • Step 4: Lather the area between the ass cheeks with shaving cream or soap. This helps shaving much easier and prevents nicks and cuts from the first place. Remember, this is a very sensitive body part, so you might want to use an organic, non-scented product to minimize irritations.
  • Step 5: Spread your legs and use one hand to pull one cheek apart from the other. Make sure to keep the skin taut. Slowly glide the shaver across the hair and remove it in one go. Repeat it until all the hair is gone.
  • Step 6: Switch to the other ass cheek. Spread it out using your hand and start shaving again.
  • Step 7: Once you are confident all the butt hair has been removed, wash your ass with cold water to close the hair follicles. Wipe the water with a clean towel and use after-shave products to take care of your skin.


Should you use a normal shaver for your butt?

No. Your butt area is very small and delicate, which means you run a higher risk of cutting yourself when using a normal shaver. If you intend on getting rid of your butt hair, choose a product designed specifically for grooming the pubic area. 

This way, not only can you increase the efficiency of your shaving session, but you can also minimize the chances of things going wrong.

What should you do if you get acne or ingrown hairs after shaving your butt?

If you feel itchy on your bum after shaving it off, chances are you have got some acne or ingrown hairs. There are several steps you can take to deal with this problem.

  • Apply wet, warm clothes to the affected areas: High temperatures open the pores, which urges the ingrown hairs to release themselves.
  • Remove the ingrown hairs altogether: After exfoliating your butt skin, use a pair of sterilized tweezers to pluck out the hair. 
  • Apply healing products: Benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, corticosteroid, and antibiotics can help fight off infections, reduce swelling, and soothe your skin. Look for creams and lotions with these ingredients and apply a thin layer to your butt skin. 
When shaving your butt, go for a specialized product to ensure efficiency
When shaving your butt, go for a specialized product to ensure efficiency

Do heterosexual men shave their butts?

Yes. A report has shown that 33% of straight men decide to have their butt hair removed. After all, getting rid of butt hair is more about a form of self-care, which is not defined or relevant to one’s sexuality. 

Whether you are attracted to men or women, it is natural that you want your private areas to feel the most comfortable.


Buying the best butt shaver can be challenging when there are so many attractive products on the market. However, once you have finished reading this article, you will have a much easier time finding out the right item. Make sure to check the reviews carefully before you reach your final decision!

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