Bald Head Maintenance Tips | What to put on your head after Shaving Bald

If you’re just shaving your head bald for the first time, then you might not know that there’s a certain maintenance and care it requires to keep a bald head looking good. In fact, even if you’re been shaving your head for a while, then there are probably some added things that you can do to make sure that it stays smooth and clear.

Although when you first go bald, people say “you must save a ton of money on haircuts”, or “at least you don’t have to wait at the barbers anymore”, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that maintaining a bald head isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be. So if you want to keep your bald head irritant free and as smooth as possible, then check out some of these tips.

Bald Head Maintenance Tips

1. What to put on your head after Shaving Bald

The first thing that you have to put on after you’ve shaved your head bald is.. COLD WATER! Your head is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of your body when it comes to shaving. When you do shave your head, it’s likely that the first couple of times you do it, you find it gets irritated. This is normal – it takes a while for your head to get used to being shaved.

However, one thing that you can definitely do to minimize any irritation is to splash your head with cold water after you’ve finished. Doing this can help to ensure that you don’t suffer with any redness or itchiness, the most common problems bald people face.

As well as using cold water, you might or might not want to follow that up with a good aftershave oil. I know some guys who swear by a good oil, which can help to settle your skin down even more.

2. Shave Regularly

Although one piece of advice to new baldies is to give your head a few days between shaves, for many bald guys this advice is actually not helpful.

Myself, and many other bald guys, find that if you leave your head for too long and allow hair to grow back, then you’ll actually suffer more for it. Your head will start to itch, and you might end up suffering with ingrown hairs. So, it’s definitely good advice to shave your head on a regular basis. Not necessarily every day, but every other day is good.

3. Wash your scalp properly first

Although I don’t think that you need to shave your head whilst in the shower, this is definitely something that many guys (including myself) find easier. Why? Because it’s very important to wash your head thoroughly before you actually shave your head. Washing away all the dirt and dry skin on your scalp is necessary for a smooth shave, so if you don’t do this beforehand, you might end up suffering for it later.

4. Sunscreen

If you live in a hot country, then please use sunscreen. The skin on your head is very sensitive, and it isn’t used to being exposed to high temperatures and the hot beating sun.

This doesn’t need to be any SPF 50 sunscreen, but it’s important that you take care of your scalp properly. Anyone who’s ended up with a flaky scalp after your head has peeled can attest to the importance of using sunscreen when you’re outside. This is especially true if you’re pale, as you’re going to be the most affected by this.

5. Find the right razor

Every bald guy that uses a razor likes to use the same razor again and again. You get into a routine of it, and once you’ve become comfortably with using a certain type of razor, it’s difficult for you to change to anything else. Check out my list of razors for bald guys if you need an idea of which one to choose.

Most bald guys will do well with using as little blades as possible in their razor. What does this mean? Well, you should generally be looking at using either a safety razor, or a razor with 3 blades or less. Although some people like to use a multi-blade razor with 5 or more blades, for the majority of bald guys this isn’t going to be the best razor. This is because it’s too harsh for your sensitive skin up there, so less blades usually means a better shave.


Overall, these are just some of the main tips that I’ve picked up over the years being a bald guy. Of course, they will depend on many different factors, and they won’t all apply to everyone. Maintaining a smooth bald head isn’t as easy at it seems, however by following these maintenance tips, you’re giving yourself a much better chance.

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