Manscaped Vs Meridian: Which Is A Better Trimmer? 

Manscaped Vs Meridian

Are you confused about which to go for when it comes to Manscaped vs Meridian? Check out our article for a detailed comparison and make an informed decision!

Grooming below-the-belt landscapes used to be a pretty sensitive topic. Yet,  owing to the evolution of men’s grooming products, the modern days witness a significant increase in the number of men who practice grooming down there more regularly.

Among all available brands in the market, Manscaped and Meridian Grooming are the two most popular ones. That is why when searching for the top grooming products, you usually encounter these particular options.

But, eventually, you may be somewhat confused: Which gives a better trimming experience? 

Manscaped and Meridian
Which is the better option between Manscaped and Meridian?

Check out our detailed comparison between Manscaped vs Meridian grooming in this article! You will find the answer you have been looking for and make an informed decision. 

Manscaped: Born With Meaningful Missions 

The name “Manscaped” derives from the word “manscaping”.

Manscaping describes the activity in which men remove and trim their body hair to create a cosmetic effect. Thus, Manscaped was initially established in 2017 to help you appear attractive and become more confident about your body, especially your little guy. 

Besides those aims, Manscaped also has another crucial mission: to cater to men with the appropriate tools to “manscape”.

With their products, you can take care of sensitive, hard-to-navigate skin on your body safely and effectively. 

Manscaped trimmer product line
Manscaped trimmer product line

Moreover, as a pioneer in the male grooming market, this brand has invested an enormous budget in clearing off the stigma and taboo related to self-care for men. As a result, it encourages thousands of men to be proactive and open about below-the-belt grooming.

One of the most well-known products under the Manscaped brand is Manscaped The Lawn Mower.

After a few years, Manscaped has constantly renovated its product. In 2021, this grooming manufacturer just launched the fourth version of The Lawn Mower, commonly known as Manscaped 4.0, with several improvements in both quality and features.    

Meridian: A High-Quality Precision Trimmer

Though born two years later than Manscaped, Meridian grooming quickly got its name on the map due to its remarkably affordable yet high-quality precision trimmer and ball sprays.

While several products commonly adopted for below-the-belt grooming usually leave some undesirable discomfort, Meridian’s creations have helped men sail through this manscaping mission with safety and pleasure. 

A few months after launch, the company reached 12,700 followers and achieved several features in well-known magazines for men, such as Swagger Magazine and Men’s Health.

Meridian has been a buzz right after its first launch
Meridian has been a buzz right after its first launch

Nowadays, people are usually confused between Meridian grooming and Manscaped. As direct competitors, both companies offer good deals for men’s self-care.

Significantly, while Manscaped has already introduced the fourth version of The Lawn Mower, Meridian entered the game with only one trimmer model

So, how do these two brands’ products differ? Keep reading to figure it out! 

3 Significant Similarities Between Manscaped & Meridian

Before exploring their critical differences, it is vital to suggest some main overlaps between the two, including the blade design, battery indicator, and waterproof capability. 


When trying to differentiate between Manscaped/Meridian grooming trimmers vs. trimmers from other brands, you may notice the white blade attached to these manscaping trimmers’ heads. 

Made from ceramic, these blades are thinner, more hygienic, and resistant to dull better than the typical steel blades. Also, since there are smaller teeth and bigger gaps between the guard and the blade, these two blades perform well in rust resistance, minimize painful tugs and pull impressively. 

Regarding innovations, Manscaped prides itself with a trademarked feature called Skin-safe Technology, which helps to avoid nicks and cuts. Meanwhile, its competitor adopts Sensitive Shaver Technology. This particular feature enables Meridian grooming to prevent scratching and tugging effectively.

Manscaped vs Meridian replacement blade
Manscaped vs Meridian replacement blade

Thus, although each company utilizes its signature trimming technology, both succeed in protecting you from unwanted nicks and pains. 

Battery Indicator

Even if it is usually underestimated, the battery indicator does represent how much consideration and attention a company pays to its products. This small feature allows users to recognize when the trimmer’s battery becomes insufficient so that they can get it charged before usage.  

Meridian has won many people’s hearts with this battery indicator. The three dots on the trimmer’s body allow its customers to read the battery level right away.

Unfortunately, three former versions of the Manscaped Lawn Mower were not embedded with a battery indicator, which faced several complaints and critics.

Yet, when Manscaped 4.0 was introduced, the brand finally presented its loyal customers with this essential feature, catching up well with its competitor. 


Since the two brands have designed their products to be fully waterproof, you can enjoy both wet shaving and dry shaving according to your preferences.

In addition to those three main aspects, it is vital to suggest that Manscaped and Meridian grooming also share the same price range and warranty policy. Besides, both brands suggest that you should change the blade every three months. 

5 Critical Differences Between Manscaped vs Meridian

Despite several significant similarities, Manscaped and Meridian grooming distinguish themselves sharply in the five critical aspects: Appearance, add-on features, the charging system, shaving performance, and the available product packages. 


Meridian has one more color option
Meridian has one more color option

Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 only comes in black, while Meridian grooming grants two shades of colors: Onyx and sage. Thus, if you are into something more fashionable, not the classic black, Meridian trimmer may be the better choice. 

In addition to the color options, the two trimmers also differ in size and design. Meridian grooming trimmer comes with a bigger shaving surface and a more minimalistic design. Meanwhile, the Manscaped design is a bit futuristic. It also has a smaller-sized shaving head. 

Add-on features 

After several years of product R&D, Manscaped has equipped its trimmer with essential add-on features, such as a more prominent adjustable guard, an LED spotlight, and a travel-lock mode. 

First, it is crucial to suggest that while the Lawn Mower 3.0 only comes with a 2-3.5mm safety guard, the Meridian grooming trimmer has always contained two adjustable combs, including a 3-6mm and 9-12mm one. As a result, some of the brand’s loyal customers have complained about its few adjustable options. 

Nevertheless, in its newest version – the 4.0 one, Manscaped has taken advantage of its technology to introduce two adjustable guards with four sizes, 3-6mm and 10-13mn. Therefore, at the moment, Manscaped has led the game with its guards’ impressive adjustability. 

In addition, below the blade, Manscaped 4.0 contains a LED spotlight that helps you see the small areas better, eventually facilitating safer trim. While the LED spotlight could not be turned off in the former version, this 2021 trimmer allows customers to eliminate the light when it becomes unnecessary. 

What’s more, if you are busy with travels, you may appreciate Manscaped’s newest feature – travel lock. Just push the power button three times, then you will be able to disable your trimmer. So, even when other objects in your pocket click on the button, the trimmer will not function. Thus, it refrains from draining any battery. 

Unfortunately, these features are signature to Manscaped, as you cannot find the equivalent ones in the Meridian trimmer. Hence, sometimes, you may find your Meridian trimmer turned on accidentally, draining its battery. Such an incident can have detrimental impacts on your trimmer’s battery life and its charging adapter.  

Manscaped has an LED light
Manscaped has an LED light that is turned on and off easily

Charging system

The latest iteration of the Manscaped Lawn Mower introduces wireless charging. Hence, you will no longer see any charging port at the bottom of the trimmer. Instead, a wireless charging dock is provided in the product’s package. 

Meridian still comes with a wired charger. Yet, it only takes the trimmer 2 hours to be charged completely, while the wireless charging in Manscaped 4.0 requires at least 5 hours. 

Shaving performance

Despite being the pioneer, Manscaped failed to bring about their best quality trimmer.

The overheating issues in the 2.0 and 3.0 versions have brought unwanted itching sensation and irritation, especially for sensitive skin. Although the Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 manages to eliminate the overheating issue, some are skeptical about its execution in the long run. On the other hand, Meridian has no record of such a problem. Hence, many people have loved it for sustainable performance. 

Besides, although Manscaped has a slightly higher RPM (at around 7,000), the 6,000 RPM motor in the Meridian trimmer does not result in any noticeable performance difference. Furthermore, this younger brand’s product manages to finish within almost the same shaving time because of a big shaving head. 

What’s more, you should bear in mind that Manscaped 4.0’s motor is equipped with QuietStroke technology, whereas Meridian does not. Thus, you may notice low vibration and low-hum buzzing when using Manscaped compared to a louder noise while utilizing its corresponding trimmer.  

Bundles & Packages

Manscaped is also known for its media coverage and branding goods.

For years, they have offered incredible packages that contain not only the trimmer but also a body toner, shaving mats, anti-chafing boxers, together with an ear and nose hair trimmer.

They also produce various T-shirts with memorable taglines such as “Your balls will thank you.” Many Manscaped loyal fans adore these shirts.

Manscaped offers stunning bundles and packages
Manscaped offers stunning bundles and packages

On the contrary, Meridian has been known for its minimal designs as it only came with simple packaging in the beginning. Yet, throughout the years, this company has developed and introduced a few more impressive packages. 

At the moment, its flagship bundle contains even more items than its corresponding opponent. Also, The Spray, a Meridian’s odor-busting spray, has gained remarkable popularity in the last few years owing to the pleasure it leaves on your little guy.  

Manscaped vs Meridian: Which Is Better? 

As can be seen, both brands have their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is pretty challenging to explicitly acclaim which would be the better option. 

Nevertheless, if you look for sustainable and qualified trimming performance or, maybe, just a bigger shaving head, you definitely should go for Meridian. Many reviewers have been using this trimmer for over a year without any significant issues. 

In case that you travel a lot and prefer the convenience that a wireless charger may bring, Manscaped 4.0 will serve you better.

Furthermore, since Manscaped has built remarkable branding, you should favor this brand when finding a gift for your friend or partner. It stands out as a premium manscaping brand. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, both Manscaped and Meridian present you with quality body trimmers and well-designed bundles.

However, since each has some advantages and disadvantages, it is impossible to declare the winner.

It all comes down to your needs and preferences to decide between Manscaped vs Meridian, which investment would be more valuable. 


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