Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor Blade Review (Details & Features)

Are you looking for a detailed Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor Blade review? If so, our post is for you. We’ve tested it and come up with an honest review.

Guys, if you are all about grooming and shaving, higher chances are that you know Gillette. It is a super popular brand in the field and sticks up to its higher rank with tons of high-quality products. Among the lines, the company is highly famous for its razors and blades.  

So, in case you’re considering switching to the Silver Blue blades and looking for a detailed Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor Blade review, today’s post is for you.  


The Gillette Silver Blue shaving razor blades are made in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, which is extremely famous among grooming lovers. Although back in the days, shipment from Russia was a bit challenging, it appears to be a thing of the past now. Nowadays, they’re quickly accessible on the internet.

Gillette’s Silver Blue razor blades come in bundles of 25, 50, or 100, which is one of its most significant advantages. When you buy larger packets, the cost per blade noticeably decreases. 

The packaging of GSB is extremely minimalistic and simple.
The packaging of GSB is extremely minimalistic and simple.

However, if you prefer a smaller package, it’s handy that we can order a box of 25 and not squander any, which is a massive plus as it’s not a choice with specific other brands of razor blades.

It doesn’t matter how many products you purchase; the packing will always stay the same. Typically, a package of Gillette Silver Blue blades includes 5 separate blades. Their traditional, straightforward style and branding are both appealing to us.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors
Each box offers 5 pieces wrapped in 2 layers of paper.
Each box offers 5 pieces wrapped in 2 layers of paper.

In the package, as mentioned earlier, are 5 different blades. In addition, every one of them gets covered in 2 layers of paper and glued to the waxed section with 4 spots of adhesive. However, we do not notice that these spots impair the shaving in any manner.

When it comes to the blade’s look, there’s nothing that truly stands out. However, since the products come with a label stating “Gillette Silver Blue Stainless,” it’s easy to notice if the blades aren’t authentic.

Key Features & Characteristics

Now, let’s jump into the feature highlights of this GSB product.

Precision and sharpness

The term “sharp” alludes to the item’s capability to shave through beards. A blade is acute when it quickly eliminates strands (resembling a heated knife through butter) and uses as few runs as possible.

According to the standard above, the Gillette Silver Blues is one of the strongest competitors available, ranking slightly behind the coveted Feather razors, which is particularly true when working against the norm.

The GSB boasts excellent sharpness.
The GSB boasts excellent sharpness.

Indeed, they deliver excellent skin contact and sound response after removing the beard from one’s chin right from the first run, which we appreciate. Afterward, extra rounds are as smooth, so you won’t have to apply more pressure to the grip to force the product to slide.

When using these blades, we’ve also discovered that, like with many others, they are better after the initial groom. This is because the first shaving sharpens the edges, and you’ll have a better shaving experience on later usage.


Here, “smooth” is a term used to indicate how easily the product runs on your skin’s surface. When a blade moves smoothly, there is little or no friction or pulling.

According to such a definition, this GSB razor blade thrives at both smoothness and sharpness. Indeed, this product is a delight to handle, unlike those blades that are already exceptionally sharp and hard to control. 

Indeed, the GSB edge slides smoothly over the face for precise grooming every time of use. Additionally, it does not pull or miss areas when utilized beneath the jawline, which is a difficult location.

Smooth grooming is also an outstanding feature of these Silver Blue razor blades.
Smooth grooming is also an outstanding feature of these Silver Blue razor blades.

Also, many people state that their shaving irritation and ingrown follicle problems have disappeared after switching to Gillette Silver Blues. Nowadays, having an equally precise, slick, and gentle shave on the skin is challenging, yet this product made it to the list. 

Its superb smoothness and sharpness allow you to avoid missing strands and embrace your face’s features effectively.


When it comes to endurance, Gillette’s Silver Blue blades are indeed an exceptional pick. 

Indeed, the Silver Blues from Gillette last for a considerable time before needing to be replaced. In general, those who utilize Gillette Silver Blues replace them about 4 to 5 times per week. However, some people allegedly go up to a whole week without renewing them.

Those with medium-thick hairs can use this shaving blade from 4 to 5 times. On the other hand, if you possess relatively minimal beards, you could enjoy a solid 7 shaves using this product. 

However, remember that the experience varies from one person to another, as with all blades, based on many factors such as the hair thickness, frequency, and maintenance.

One box of GSB blades can last for a long time.
One box of GSB blades can last for a long time.

Quality control

The final feature we would like to mention is its excellent quality monitoring. Again, the uniformity from blade to blade is remarkable, and every item is as excellent as the previous. 


Currently, Gillette Silver Blue razor blades are purchasable on Amazon for $5.25 for a set of 25, or approximately $0.21 per product.

The price doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Compared to Astra or Dorco products, GSB isn’t as affordable. However, many people agree that the Gillette Silver Blue blade’s shaving experience is much better.

Pros and Cons

Given all information above, we’ve come up with a detailed list of advantages and setbacks of the GSB razor blades:


  • Razor-sharp yet seamless grooming experience.
  • Not as acute as a Feather, but far more gentle on the skin.
  • Provides a precise and easy shave.
  • Excellent for those who want a powerful shaving experience.
  • Exceptional quality monitoring.


  • No re-usable blade holder to store used blades.
  • Annoying adhesive patches on the wrappers.

Who should use this product?

Men with a couple of days of regrowth

The Gillette Silver Blues is a good option for men who don’t groom daily. Indeed, this product is a fantastic alternative for those who groom every 3 or 4 days and possess a considerable hair volume. How so?

Since it’s precise enough to slash through the beard regrowth, it’s not a pleasant feeling to pull on those thicker strands when you’re using a product that’s too gentle.

Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor blades work wonders on a few days of regrowth.
Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor blades work wonders on a few days of regrowth.

Different from other flimsy products, this razor blade will shave straight through those bristles. Therefore, when used in tandem with a proper pre-shave regimen, employing this GSB on just a few days of regrowth should not pose a concern, although your experience might (or may not) differ.

Men who necessitate a more all-around blade

It is an ideal buy for guys who like a powerful and all-around item, as you’ve probably noticed by now. Unfortunately, the one common problem regarding blade purchasing is that most guys go for sharpness and forgo smoothness when finding a razor-sharp product.

If you call for a powerful shave with minimal irritations, the GBS is for you.
If you call for a powerful shave with minimal irritations, the GBS is for you.

Silver Blues, on the other hand, are a different story. For those who desire a blade with a high sharpness but still prefer a smooth cutting to minimize facial redness, scratches, and injuries, this Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor Blade could be the option for you.

Those who have sensitive skin in the winter

It’s word of mouth that Feather razor blades are popular in the springtime and hotter periods, whereas Gillette Silver Blue ones are more renowned throughout the cold months. How so? Simply the Gillette ones are gentler on their faces.

When it comes to the harsh freezing conditions, its impact may be brutal on your skin. In addition, it significantly dries out your facial skin, which is why many guys experience more significant facial redness and sensitivity during that time of the year.

Although a Feather could perform well for certain people in hot weather, swapping to one less harsh and more gentle product in the winter might be beneficial. Nevertheless, we consider it a fantastic substitution, especially if you have sensitive skin. In the end, you don’t have to utilize the same shaving edge throughout the year.


So, that is our honest Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor Blade review. Considering the outstanding sharpness and smoothness, gentle performance, incredible endurance, and the “not-too-high” price these uniformly-made blades offer, it’s a must-try product on our list. So, give them a whirl, and you won’t feel disappointed!

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