Headblade Razor Review – Designed specifically for bald men

Shaving your head is getting easier with the advent of more innovative razors. Recently there is a razor with an interesting design that is attracting my interest. It’s the HeadBlade ATX Razor. 
With a design like a toy motorcycle, will this razor give you a good experience? Let’s experience it with me

HeadBlade ATX Razor Review

In short, I found that the HeadBlade ATX is a pretty good choice for balding men. For those that are  experiencing razor bumps and razor burn on their scalp, the handle may make it a little easier for you to shave your head. However, I do think that with a little practice you can get used to doing this with a regular razor.

Let’s look at this one in a little more detail.


The Brand

Although you might not have heard of them until recently, they’ve actually been in business for more than two decades, starting out in 1999. They’re an American company that claims to have the world’s best head shaving razor.

Unlike many other brands, they don’t have a big fancy website with a ton of different products to choose from. Their main product is the Headblade razor, along with a shaving gel and a few different post-shaving options.

The Cost

The cost of the Headblade razor isn’t extortionate, and it comes in at around £15 (or $20). This is more than a standard cartridge razor handle, but similar to any upgraded or special version. It’s still cheaper than most of the high-quality safety razors that are on sale.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

The blades are quite expensive, coming in at around £12 ($15) for just four of them. However, they are intended to last a lot longer than your standard cartridge razor blades, so they’re not that expensive – they’re only 50% more expensive than the DSC and Harry’s.

The Unboxing

After taking the Headblade out of its box, I was surprised by the detail they went into in the motorbike design. It’s a little gimmicky, but I do think that it’s quite a good idea in general.


The Design

The Headblade itself literally vhas little tires on it that are intended to run over your scalp. They don’t feel like anything more than tiny wheels when you’re using it, and it does make it easier to shave with. I kind of think of it as a set of training wheels on a bike – they aren’t going to make things any easier for someone who’s been shaving their head for years. But for those who are new to being bald, then it might be a wise investment.


The intention is for you to drag the wheels across your scalp, and the razor follows, shaving your hair off in tandem. It’s easy to insert your index finger into the Headblade to use it, and it applies just enough pressure for you to get a smooth and close shave, without causing any irritation.

The Blades

You can buy two different sets of blades to use with the Headblade – they have both a 4 blade razor cartridge and a 6 blade razor cartridge. For most guys, running 6 blades across the scalp is going to be too many, as the scalp is pretty sensitive. I’m used to using a 3 blade cartridge, so the 4 blade is the closest to it – and that’s what I tried out.


I found the razor to be pretty effective, and it worked really well for shaving the back and sides of my head, which are the parts with the most surface area. The only thing that the Headblade sucks at is getting the hairs on the back of your neck because it needs a little more precision than on your scalp. However, you can still get the hairs on your neck by lifting the Headblade up and using it as a normal razor.

Refill cartridges for the Headblade are notoriously expensive. They actually use the same blades as the Dollar Shave Club, which are both sourced directly from Dorco. The HB4 refills are the same as the Dorco Pace 4 blades.

This is a little awkward though, as you have to remove the adapter on the Headblade refills to use them. But, the cost of replacement blades is one thing that puts me off both the Headblade ATX and the newer Moto.

Overall Verdict

All in all, I’m not sold by the tire design of the Headblade razor. Whilst it is fine to use, I don’t really think that you need any sort of help to shave your head aside from a learning curve of how to use a normal razor. Whilst beginners might find using the Headblade easier than using a normal cartridge razor, I don’t think those who have been shaving their heads for years will find the shave much better. You can compare this model to other models with my full guide to bald head razors.

In all fairness, I did use the older model of the Headblade (the ATX) and they seem keen on pushing the new Moto version nowadays. So, I’ll buy that one and give it a go soon enough. Oh, and one thing that definitely gets the thumbs up from me is the Headslick shaving gel – I’m now using that as my regular shaving gel for my head, and a full bottle lasts absolutely ages. So, it might be worth giving it a shot and seeing if it works for you, too.

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