Safety Razor Vs. Electric Razor Vs. Disposable Razor (Ultimate Comparison)

When it comes to a safety razor, an electric one, or a disposable one, many users feel puzzled. Read on if you want to know how they differ from one another.

Every razor design has its outstanding features, making many users feel lost in the jargon of safety razor vs electric razor vs disposable razor – it’s challenging to know which one suits you best.

If you also have a similar concern about this, don’t skip this article. Because this post will provide you with more knowledge to make up your mind. Keep on reading. 

What Are Safety Razor, Electric Razor, And Disposable Razor?

Safety razor

A safety razor
A safety razor

As its name claims, the safeguarding element situated between the blade’s edge and the skin is the most amazing selling point of safety razors. Indeed, these safeguards fulfill your need for extra safety when shaving manually.

Yet, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean safety razors will 100% prevent you from potential injuries. Many people misunderstand this point: Expect careless uses of safety razors to lead to accidental skin damages. 

The blades are removable, allowing you to substitute a degraded blade easily. Because of this convenience, safety razors act as the optimal pick for many users, even hard-to-please ones. 


  • A close shave
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean with removable blades


  • Cuts and nicks are possible
  • Slight learning curve

Electric razor

An electric razor
An electric razor

It is not without reason that many guys trust electric razors. An electric razor is a type of razor with a rotating or oscillating blade. Electric razors generally do not require shaving cream, soap, or water-like manual razors. 

They can be powered by a small DC motor connected to a battery or mains electricity. In addition, many modern types are powered by rechargeable batteries. 

Users tend to prefer one or the other according to their personal preferences and needs. Many modern shavers are cordless; therefore, they are charged using a plug-in charger or placed in the cleaning and charging unit. Electric razors are specially made for a clean shave. 

It has less battery power but is more aggressive towards haircuts. The first versions of the electric razor were designed for dry skin only. However, nowadays, many electric razors have recently been designed to allow wet/dry use and be cleaned with running water or the included cleaner. 

Be patient when starting to use this type of razor because the skin usually takes a while to adapt to how electric razors lift and cut hair. There are available moisturizers explicitly designed for electric shaving.


  • No blade, shaving cream, soap required
  • Compact design
  • Fast time shaving


  • High cost
  • Easily cause ingrown hair or irritation
  • Requires time to charge
  • Difficult to use in tight spots

Disposable razor

A disposable razor
A disposable razor

A lot of customers opt for disposable models as they’re so handy and convenient.

They usually come in a plastic design featuring roughly from 2 to 6 blades. As the blades arrive at a budget-friendly price, they only result in average performance and quality. 

A disposable razor is a preferable pick for those who lack time and want to shave in the blink of an eye. Also, disposable razors are also a better fit for someone who might have forgotten their razors at home and need a quick and affordable alternative tool. 

Disposable razors provide you with the quickest and most efficient experience. However, the main downside of disposable razors is that these tools boast a higher chance of having razor burn post-shaving, especially when the blades get dull. 

Thus, once you see signs of degradation on these blades, say goodbye to them and get yourself a replacement. 


  • Cheaper to buy 
  • Convenient to bring along


  • Easy cause razor burn
  • Not safe
  • Straightforward and less sturdy design

Safety Razor Vs Electric Razor Vs Disposable Razor: How Do They Differ?


Most of the time, the price of a razor would be the first thing that popped out of customers’ minds.

If you’re looking for the most budget-saving pick, notably when all you ask for is a one-time use, go for disposable models. Indeed, a 6-piece bundle would only cost you roughly $15. 

Safety razors are in a higher price segment of $30 to $150 or more. Of course, the difference in price here relates strongly to a product’s quality. not to mention the periodic blade replacement. These substitute parts, however, would only cost you around $10 for 100 blades.

Safety razors are cheap to maintain
Safety razors are cheap to maintain

When it comes to price, electric razors are a lot more expensive than the two other razors. An electric razor is considered a long-term investment. 

It stands to reason that the better the quality is, the higher the price will be. You can use an electric razor for a very long time if it is well maintained. So, in the long run, you’ll find an electric razor isn’t too expensive either.

Shaving safety

Of course, safety razors earn themselves a reputation for safety and it’s no strange they’re the most favorite regarding safe self-shaving. 

As mentioned above, thanks to their special design, these razors offer a safeguard against accidental nicks and cuts. Thus, compared to disposable models, a safety razor is a better pick for those with skin sensitivities and problems.

Shaving safety
Safety razors are the most favorite regarding safe self-shaving

On the other hand, disposable razors excel at boasting a quick and effective shaving procedure. However, as previously stated, they could be quite harsh on your skin, especially for users who suffer from skin conditions. 

Also, in some cases, they yield uneven shaving and increase the chance of shavers getting razor burns and in-grown hairs. 

An electric shaver is especially effective for sensitive facial skin. Unlike many razors running a sharp blade across your skin, an electric razor rolls up the skin, which forces the hairs up into an ideal position for cutting. 

As a result, you can get a faster shave without going over the same area. Moreover, ingrown hairs are also reduced when using an electric razor. An electric razor will limit the razor burn and rash after shaving, making for a more skin-friendly experience. 

Shaving time

The safety razor will take you the most time when compared with the other two razors because you will have to repeat shaving the same area over and over again.

In addition, a safety razor requires shaving foam, soap, gel, and lotion. All of these things are not only time-consuming but also costly.

Disposable razors give you a faster experience. However, it will cause irritation if your skin is sensitive.

If your main goal is to get a fast shave, then an electric razor is the best option for you. What you need to prepare here are a shaver and a charger.

The electric razor will collect most of the hairs. Plus, you can even be mobile when shaving, such as getting ready for work. You can even go without having to rinse afterward.


Many people attach great importance to design when choosing to buy a razor. Razors with luxurious designs often help men feel cool when using them. Electric razors meet this demand. 

An electric razor with compact design
An electric razor with compact design

When it comes to design, electric razors have the edge over the others. It is well designed and looks very classy. Electric razors also come in many different varieties.

The safety razor has a more compact design. As a result, it is flexible and suitable for carrying.

The disposable razor has a more straightforward design and is less sturdy. Its design is suitable for one use. It is often used when traveling, or in emergencies, so convenience takes precedence.

Time to use razors

The use time of the 3 types of razors is quite different.

With disposable razors, you can only use them once and then throw them in the trash. Meanwhile, safety razors and electric razors will last longer.

If well cared for, a safety razor or electric razor can last a long time, even a decade. But that depends on your maintenance.

Who Is The Winner: Safety Razor, Electric Razor, Or Disposable Razor?

As each razor type holds its unique pros and cons, it’s hard to decide which razor wins the battle.

Indeed, there has been no certified proof showing one sort of razor is better than the others. We can only decide the best match for our skin conditions, personal tastes, and expectations.

Factors/Type of Razors Disposable razor Safety razor Electronic razor
Price Low  Medium Higher
Shaving safety Higher chances of razor burn and in-grown hairs. Protections against potential nicks and cuts Gentle on sensitive facial skin
Shaving time Fast Take a lot of time Fastest of the three
Design A more straightforward design and is less sturdy A compact design Well-designed and classy
Time to use razors Once Indefinite Indefinite
User object Users who run short of time and need immediate shaving. Or, a temporary situation such as short traveling Users who prioritize convenience and extra safety Users who prefer a quick and gentle shave. Or, those with skin sensitivities.


All in all, safety razor vs electric razor vs disposable razor has their own unique features. Choosing which one suits your skin conditions and needs the most boils down to your preferences.

Hopefully, today’s article has given you a bias against which razor you prefer the most and made things easier for you. 

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