The 5 Best Disposable Straight Razors For Everyone in 2022

Are you interested in buying the best disposable straight razor, but have no idea where to begin? Check out this comprehensive review right away!

If you are a grooming enthusiast, straight razors should be no stranger to you. For years, this shaving tool has earned its reputation through a high level of precision, lower risks of irritation and ingrown hair, as well as affordability. 

But not everyone is comfortable with using traditional straight razors. This is when disposable straight razors come in handy. Disposable straight razors are also known as shavettes, which is a standard straight razor featuring a disposable blade. 

For people who want to enjoy a classic shaving experience but prefer better hygiene and low maintenance, nothing beats the best disposable straight razor.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s keep reading to see the top 5 recommended brands, as well as suggestions on what makes a disposable straight razor worth buying.

In-Depth Reviews Of The 5 Best Disposable Straight Razors

Parker SR1 Disposable Straight Razor – Best Overall

Let’s kickstart our list with an item from Parker – a household name in the grooming industry. Parker SR1 disposable straight razors are made entirely from stainless steel, giving you a firm grip when pressing against the skin. But this does not mean that Parker SR1 is on the heavy side. Weighing roughly 90 grams, feel free to wield the razor around comfortably.

As far as the design is concerned, you will be impressed at the standard snap/lock mechanism that secures the disposable blades. The far end of the blade compartment is rounded with no sharp edges, thus minimizing any accidental cuts and nicks. 

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

Given the price tag of this product, you sure can get the best value out of your money in the long run with the 5 blades that come along the package.

Still, be aware that the handle covering the blade is cheaply riveted, which can be rather unpleasant if you are a picky shaver. Apart from that tiny error, there is nothing much to complain about Parker SR1.


  • Affordable.
  • High-quality material.
  • Lightweight and reliable to use.


  • Poorly constructed handle.

Equinox Professional Straight Razor – Best Reviews

With more than 15000 reviews on Amazon, Equinox disposable straight razors are sure to capture the attention of potential buyers.

At first look, you will be impressed with silky smooth, matte black paint that protects the stainless steel underneath.

This way, your shaving tools will look much more masculine and gain more resistance against oxidation. Talking about killing two birds with one stone, right?

Now, it is time to dive deeper into its features. Equinox features a standard streamlined format, which is best known for its ergonomic and stable grooming performance. 

When in need of blade replacements, all it takes is a single clasp removal, and you are set to go. And do not forget that each Equinox purchase includes 100 Derby Premium blades, which is a real bargain for anyone.

However, some customers have complained about the clasp that holds the blade. After extensive use, it tends to get looser and does not work as expected. You might want to look out for that flaw if you intend on using Equinox for a long time.


  • Appealing appearance.
  • Innovative design.
  • Multiple blades attached.


  • Slippery clasp.

Sanguine Coolcut R5 Straight Razor – Best Price

Another economical choice that you may want to have a look at is the Sanguine Coolcut disposable straight razors.

Unlike the majority of other competitors, Sanguine makes use of wood to craft its handle instead of stainless steel. This material gives your razor a distinct look while still being relatively easy to hold.

Upon closer examination, you can spot the sturdy pine shaped with a well-curved tang, adding extra durability to the razor. By employing a screw that connects the scales with the blade holder, feel free to remove and insert the blades without cutting your skin in the process. 

Even better? There is a faux-leather bag that works wonders when you need to carry Sanguine around. No more worries about not finding proper storage for your grooming toolkit!

That being said, this product is not without flaws. The manufacturers put in 5 Treet Platinum blades for each order, but they end up getting rusty and chipped after shaving two to three times. 

And since the blades are double edges, you have to split them into two pieces to fit in the razor. It would be better if you bought the blades separately.


  • Highly affordable.
  • Wooden handle for a different look.
  • Tightening screw.
  • Poach for easy maintenance.


  • Low-quality blades.

Black Widow Disposable Straight Razor – Best For Experienced Shavers 

If you want to level up your grooming game a little bit but are still hesitant about spending too much money, this offer from Black Widow will suffice.

The most noticeable feature of Black Window razors is their 1.5-mm blade exposure, which is essentially way larger than the typical disposable straight razor. 

Combined with a heaviness of more than 85gr, professional shavers can easily take advantage of gravity and the aggressive blade for a quick and smooth cut.

Regarding the material, Black Widow features a rust-resistant stainless steel body, layered with a matte black finish and a gold-plated decor. Not only is it sturdier and more robust, but the razor also exudes an elegant and classic vibe. 

In case you are still looking for another reason to seal the deal, consider its swing lock design, which ensures each blade is inserted properly and safely. Not bad for a product less than 30$, don’t you think?

Still, the target audience of this product is rather limited. Due to its edge exposure and hefty weight, Black Widow is not beginner-friendly. Do not attempt to use it unless you have some sort of experience beforehand. 

And remember to buy your own disposable blades since this package comes with none.


  • Stylish look.
  • Long-lasting and resistant to daily wear and tear.
  • Effortless and safe blade insertion.


  • Not for amateurs.
  • No blades attached.

Dovo Disposable Straight Razor – Best For Lightweight Razors

For people who dislike the idea of using razors that cut harshly, you might be pleased with the disposable straight razors from Dovo. With two color options, namely silver and blue/black, Dovo breathes fresh air into the otherwise monotonous bathroom items. 

By using stainless steel to craft both the handle and the blade holder, the manufacturers make sure you can enjoy a visually pleasing and dependable razor.

Unlike other bulky razors, Dovo stands out with its featherlight design, weighing merely more than 30gr. Admittedly, you will have to press the blade manually through your stubble if you want a close shave, since gravity is not very helpful here. 

But instead, you end up having more flexibility and more room to maneuver, so worry not! And do not forget about the sliding mechanism, which allows you to glide the blade into its position within seconds. You do not want to use a disposable straight razor that fails to maintain its blade, do you?

Nevertheless, the upfront cost of this product is twice as expensive as others on the list. Since not everyone can afford such an amount of money for a simple shaving tool, make sure you evaluate your budget before placing an order. 


  • Creative appearance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easier to adjust.


  • More costly in the first place.
  • Need more pressure to work properly.

What To Consider When Buying Disposable Straight Razors

Since the difference is rather minimal in terms of build quality, factors you should consider when buying disposable straight razors are somehow similar to those of straight razors.

Working mechanism

Each disposable straight razor comes with a specific design that allows users to place a blade along its spine. Below are some popular models.

  • Pinch: This means the spine of the razor is in one piece, using a clasp that keeps the blade in its position.
  • Clasp: This is similar to pinch, but instead of the one-piece spine, the spine here consists of two parts.
  • Slide/Insert: You have to slide the blade into the center of the spine after removing its core.

Size & weight

Straight razors are usually available in three sizes, namely 1/2’’, 5/8 ’’, and 13/16’’. These numbers indicate the width of the blade, which mainly determines how big and heavy your razors are.

When it comes to disposable straight razors, the manufacturers prefer using smaller and lighter blades. So in most cases, you will find your desired products in 1/2’’.

As far as the weight is concerned, disposable straight razors can weigh anywhere from 30gr to nearly 100gr. The heavier they are, the less force you need to cut through facial hair. 

Blade types

There are three main blade types that you can find on a disposable straight razor, namely square point, round point, and oblique point.

  • Square point: If you enjoy having a sharp, aggressive edge that cuts closer to the skin, then the square point is designed for you. 
  • Round point: This type of blade is relatively forgiving and beginner-friendly, making it ideal for shavers who have little experience.
  • Oblique point: Oblique point has a distinctive shape that sets it apart from the other two. It looks like a chisel and is as sharp as a square point.


Choosing the best disposable straight razor can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to grooming. But now that you have finished reading this buying guide, rest assured that you will have no difficulties picking out a product that fits your needs. 

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