Can You Use The Same Razor For Armpits And Legs?

Using different razors for various areas is often quite troublesome and costly. 

Some people think that different razors might be used for armpits and legs based on the topography of hair-bearing areas to avoid irritation or cut your skin. Meanwhile, others think it is suitable to use the same razor for both these areas. You can read the article below to clarify whether you can use the same razor for armpits and legs.

A razor for armpits and legs - is it possible or not?
A razor for armpits and legs – is it possible or not?

Can You Use The Same Razor For Armpits And Legs? 

Yes, you can use the same razor for armpits and legs. However, it is advisable to clean up the razor after shaving armpits before shaving another area, legs, in this case. Accordingly, you may ensure sanity and a smooth shave despite using the same razor. 

There are many razors with lavish designs on the market today that allow you to treat many areas of hair on your body safely and quickly with just one utensil. Therefore, it is unnecessary to use specialized ones for your armpits and legs. 

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How To Choose A Razor For Shaving Armpits And Legs 

Regarding picking a suitable razor for shaving both armpits and legs, there are various elements to consider that might overwhelm you. Hence, let’s keep in mind these crucial components below to save your effort. 


An essential part of a razor is the blade that determines your comfort and keeps you from everyday problems when shaving, such as cuts, razor burns, or skin irritation. Therefore, it is essential to use a razor with a sharp blade and a flexible razor head to ensure the razor slides over the curves and angles in your underarm area.

The blade can come in single or multiple formats. For multi-blade razors, you should pay attention to the distance between the blades before choosing to buy.

The blades should be close together to shave the curved areas like armpits, and the skin might expand slightly and can be cut by the second blade if they are positioned too far apart.

Furthermore, you may consider the leading edge. This part is created to gently stretch the skin tight before the blade’s arrival, allowing the blade to pass through without causing any nicks.

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The razor handle 

Besides the blade, the razor handle is also a vital element to consider. A razor with a flexible handle makes it simpler to reach the area and adjust to all its curves as you slide the razor over your skin.

The handle should be comfortable enough not to tire your hand, or you do not have to change the pressure applied while shaving. Choosing a razor with a pivoting handle is ideal because it allows you to move the razor flexibly on your skin.

The blade and handle are the things to consider when choosing a razor for armpits and legs
The blade and handle are the things to consider when choosing a razor for armpits and legs

3 Great Razor Types To Pick for both Armpits And Legs

Now, let’s dig into the specific razors you can choose from for your closest, smoothest, most comfortable shave, as there are plenty. 

Cartridge razors

A cartridge razor has the head or cartridge detachable from the handle, allowing it to be discarded as it wears out and the razor handles to be used with a new cartridge.

One of the appealing features is to help you have a quick shave due to multiple blades. Indeed, it delivers a closer and cleaner shave for effectively shaving both armpits and legs.

Aside from that, note that hairs frequently become caught between the blades, making them less efficient over time. Plus, it might not be cost-effective since you often have to change the cartridges.

Disposable razors

Disposable razors include plastic handles linked to a blade that should be used just once or twice. Therefore, it is suitable to carry when traveling or camping due to its convenience and hygiene. 

Furthermore, it is undeniable that it is the ideal option to use daily. In addition, disposable razor blades are often of inferior quality, and the shave will be less close.

Disposable razor is a suitable choice for trips. 
Disposable razor is a suitable choice for trips.

Electric razors

Electric razors include a blade and a motor, and they come in two types: foil and rotary.

Foil electric razors contain a thin metal sheet called “foil” that covers the blades and has holes in them. The small holes in the foil capture the hair, and the oscillating blades come by and cut it.

Three circular heads are spread out in a triangle on rotary electric razors. Each head’s spherical guard collects hairs and is then shaved by an internal rotating blade or cutter. This is a safe and quick shave choice favored by men who require a quick shave to clean their coarse and thick hairs.

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Proper Ways To Shave Your Armpits And Legs 

You can refer to the following tips for effective hair removal and minimal irritation.

Remove dead skin

Exfoliating the underarms and legs helps remove bacteria, sweat, and dirt. Furthermore, it also helps to remove any residual deodorant. But, first and foremost, it prepares the skin for hair removal by creating a clean, even canvas.

If you do not remove dead skin before shaving, these dead cells may cause clog pores, then the possibility of folliculitis or ingrown hairs is relatively high. In addition, if you do not exfoliate, your dead skin cells might jam the razor blade, resulting in razor burn. 

There are two common ways of exfoliating: physical and chemical exfoliation

Regarding the physical method, you use a loofah or body scrub to exfoliate dead skin before shaving with the physical method. This is a cost-effective way, but it is not suitable for sensitive skin because you have to rub against the skin. 

The other is the chemical method; it gently uses acidic ingredients to remove dead cells suitable for all skin types.

Moisturize your skin

Generally, you probably want to shave quickly and skip this step. However, the underarm area is susceptible, while legs are large areas where you can miss spots or get cuts. Consequently, moisturizing your skin via wetting it for a few minutes before shaving will be very effective in helping you avoid cuts and nicks.

Make hair softer and open-up pores, help it easier to get a closer shave. Therefore, rough beards at the end of the day will also be less likely to appear.

Use shaving lotion

Don't forget to use the cream for smooth shaving 
Don’t forget to use the cream for smooth shaving

A shaving gel or cream is recommended to get the most extraordinary shaving results and avoid skin irritation since it plays a critical role in softening the hair and the hair follicle.

Unfortunately, many people often use shower gel or a foaming cleanser instead of shaving cream. These products might dry up the skin, making shaving more uncomfortable.

Regarding applying shaving cream, you need to squeeze a dollop of shaving gel into your hand and apply it to your legs and armpits in a thin, even coating.

Some suggestions of quality shaving creams that you can easily find in the market like eos Shea Better, Whish Shave Cream or Pure by Gillette Venus.

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Choose proper directions to shave

Your legs’ hairs tend to grow in one direction. Therefore, it would be best to shave against the direction of hair growth for a closer shave.

For efficient shaving and avoiding re-shaving an area or missing spots, you should begin at your ankle, slowly and carefully shaving upward. It is unnecessary to press the razor hard because it can cause dimples or divots in your skin.

Unlike leg hairs, the hair on your arms grows in numerous directions. Accordingly, it is advisable not to go over the same sensitive area several times with a sharp blade. Instead, let raise your arm, pull the skin taut, and shave in every direction: up, down, sideways, against to attain the smoothest finish.

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Shave in the right direction of hair growth
Shave in the right direction of hair growth



How to shave armpits without shaving cream?

You may use a few alternative items in a pinch, such as a shampoo, conditioner, soap (for sensitive skin), body wash, moisturizer, body oil, or aloe vera in case you do not have any shaving gel or cream on hand. 

Is it wrong to shave your armpits a lot?

Yes. While it is true that shaving your hair provides necessary exfoliation. However, doing too frequently might lead to significant issues that you don’t want to deal with, such as razor burn, ingrown hairs, and bacterial infections.

How often can you use a razor to shave your legs?

Professionals recommend changing your blade every 5 to 10 shaves, depending on how often you shave; it might last anywhere from a week to a month.

Many razors are now on the market with moisture indicator strips that fade over time to alert you when it’s time to change your blade.


Hopefully, the question “Can you use the same razor for armpits and legs?” is now clear to you. It is suitable to shave your legs and armpits with the same razor.

However, it would help if you remembered to clean the razor carefully before switching to the other shaving areas and pay attention to the razor structure and shave properly to limit unnecessary irritation.

If you have any questions, please drop the comments below. Also, share this with others if you find it helpful!

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